4 Ways to Make Your Kratom Capsule Ritual More Exciting

A large number of users take kratom in capsule form. It’s the simplest way to take this herb. Just swallow and you are done. No taste. No hassle of measuring the dose. 

Yet, there are some users who find taking kratom capsules a monotonous affair. For some others, swallowing kratom ‘pills’ makes them feel as if they are taking some medication. 

Well, as experts put it, these are only matters of the mind. 

But, the mind is a powerful thing. It’s the same mind that can move mountains. 

So, if capsules are making you feel ‘ill’ or ‘bored’ in your mind, you must do something about it. 

Here are a few tips to instill an element of thrill in taking capsules:

  1. Take capsules with juice instead of water

For those of you who feel you are taking some pill for sickness, this is a great way to change your feeling. 

Instead of water, take capsules with juice. You hardly take medications with juice, right? So, this method won’t make you feel as if you are taking some medicine. 

Experts recommend citrus juices or grapefruit juice, especially if you are taking kratom for energy. These are kratom potentiators and can intensify the effects. Sounds thrilling! 

  1. Take softgels instead of capsules 

Some of you might think capsules and softgels are the same things. Wrong! Both may look like encapsulated structures but are different in their contents and the way they show effects. 

Capsules are filled with powdered leaves of kratom, while softgels contain pure kratom extract, which means alkaloids in concentrated form. 

Capsules are covered with hard gelatin covering, while softgels have a soft covering and can easily be squished with fingers. They look prettier too, as one user comments! 

It would be exciting to pop these soft, pretty gels instead of the regular capsules. You can easily buy softgels of Kratom in Nevada at a licensed vendor. 

Please mind the dose. You may need fewer softgels than capsules, as softgels contain extract, not powder. 

  1. Change the strain of capsules

Taking white strain for a long time? Change the strain. Use green strain now. It is milder than white, yet produces wonderful effects. Take it during the day instead of taking it the first thing in the morning. 

This will not only usher in a fresh breeze of change in your kratom ritual but also keep you miles away from developing tolerance. 

Try products like Premium Green Malay Kratom Capsules. They are one of the best-selling products in the market. 

  1. Go capsule-free for a few days 

If taking capsules has become a monotonous affair for you, stop taking them for a while. In fact, take no other form of kratom. Go kratom-free completely. 

Then, resume taking capsules. You will feel a new excitement after a few days of break. This also helps to avoid developing tolerance.

If you already have developed tolerance and find yourselves taking more capsules than normal, apply this trick. When you resume taking the herb, start again with a small dose. 

Search for “kratom near me” for the best quality capsules and other products. 

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