5 Budget Clothes Shopping Hacks to Help You Save

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I love shopping, I just can’t deny it. I’ve been shopping on a budget since my college years, and the habit sort of stuck with me. I’m also very active on social media like Instagram, so looking good is absolutely essential.

Maintaining a fine balance between good spending and good clothing can be difficult for someone not used to shopping on a budget. But learning how to can really help you and your savings in the long run. A good pair of formal pants for ladies does not necessarily have to cost you hundreds of dollars.

5 Hacks to Shop for Clothes on a Budget

So you’re on a budget, but you also can’t resist the urge to add some new items to your wardrobe. What do you do? People tend to make the mistake of splurging on new outfits as soon as they get their month’s paycheck. The result is that two or three weeks down the road, you’re struggling to get by on ramen noodles and yogurt 3 times a day. But at least you look good, right? Wrong! What if I told you there is a better way to shop? These 5 hacks can help you understand what I’m talking about, especially when you are watching your budget:

  1. Ask For Discounts
  2. Check Out Pre-Loved Clothing
  3. Never Waste a Coupon
  4. Exclusive Amazon Prime Promotions
  5. Look into Ebates

Check out these hacks in more detail below for a better idea to shop on a smaller budget.

Ask for Discounts

Perhaps one of the worst things about being a millennial is this irrepressible need to avoid anything that might seem like an awkward conversation. For many of us, that includes asking for discounts when we go shopping. We are so used to brands telling us what to do and what to wear, that we feel shy in trying to haggle for a better price. But think of it this way.

The best-case scenario is you get something you love for a significantly cheaper price than originally asked. The worst-case scenario is you end up buying it at the same price you were willing to pay. So you really have nothing to lose, and several valuable dollars to gain (or save!) if you try asking for discounts at stores.

Check out Pre-Loved Clothing

You can’t be on a budget and still afford to be a snob about your clothing. Let’s face it, some of us girls have to put down more than an entire week’s pay for a pair of sunglasses from Tom Ford or a leather jacket from Gucci. So is it out of the question completely? No! There’s nothing stopping you from shopping for pre-loved clothing on eBay or ThredUp. Companies like ThredUp have a very strict set of standards when it comes to the condition of the clothing they have in their inventory. You can likely pick up a great, expensive-looking statement piece at a fraction of the cost.

Never Waste a Coupon

Don’t ever underestimate the usefulness of a coupon. You can easily get some if you sign up for a reward program at the stores you frequent. Most stores offer free reward memberships and you usually get several useful coupons. Of course, you may not always get a store coupon for Zara, but it is still worth the effort. Even if you get a discount coupon for groceries, you can allocate the money you save to go toward the next outfit you purchase.

Exclusive Amazon Prime Promotions

This may not sound like much of a tip since Amazon is usually where you go to spend money rather than save it. But Amazon Prime actually offers several exclusive discounts as well as 2-day delivery to your home. Even more importantly, Amazon Prime offers you a $10 discount for every friend you refer. If you’re a college student, you can sign up for Amazon Prime for free for six months, and get a 50% discount after the six months are up. That’s not to mention all the goodies such as videos, movies, and TV shows you get access to on-demand.

Look into Ebates

Haven’t heard of Ebates? It always surprises me how few people know what Ebate is and how useful it is when you’re shopping on a budget. Ebate is a company that has a relationship with thousands of affiliated stores. If you shop at these affiliated stores through Ebates.com you get exclusive discounts as well as cashback on your purchases. This might sound like a far-fetched scam but it actually works. I bought a beautiful set of Mprints using the site’s affiliated stores and they cost me a lot less than advertised.

Be sure to check out Ebate’s affiliated stores. You may find some clothing stores that you adore!

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