5 Production Planning Types That Will Help Your Business Grow

5 Production Planning Types That Will Help Your Business Grow

In the production plan, you will need to look at your available inventory when creating your plan to purchase materials. By looking at your available inventory when creating your plan to purchase materials, you will ensure that you only need to buy what you do not currently have on hand to supply your jobs. In addition, the production plan will ensure that you are not overloading your resources by only planning work on resources that have additional capacity.

Five Types of Planning in Production

The following section defines five types of production and planning methods:

1) Job-Based Planning

Job-Based and Project-Based production are broad terms used to describe the types of production system that range from small scales, such as creating a custom jewellery piece, to large scales, such as designing and building a new home. This post will focus on the meaning of job-based and project-based production planning, how they differ and how you can use them in your business.

Production planning for small-scale jobs that require very little specialised equipment is relatively easy to execute. This allows products to be made according to their customer’s requests and can usually be included at any time during the production process without altering its progress (i.e., without causing delays because of excessive waiting times).

2) Batch Method

Batch production is one of the most common ways of producing items. It refers to industrial production in which items are produced in groups, rather than individually or through continuous production. For example, cookies are produced in batches — you will start by measuring the ingredients for the entire batch, then mix them together, and finally bake them together so that the entire production process for the batch of cookies starts and ends at the same time.

The performance and efficiency of a production system go hand in hand with its capacity and flexibility. For example, using Batch Production planning as a means to maximise your resource capacity without going over the maximum limit allowed can be challenging.

3) Flow Method

Flow manufacturing is a technique that is commonly used to manufacture products such as televisions and household appliances. In this method, units are assembled continuously on a production line without any breaks or interruptions. This flow manufacturing service is offered globally through a number of manufacturers.

One type of production system is called “the flow method” because each step of manufacturing is accomplished in a sequential manner, with no processing delays in between steps. The benefits to this type of production include minimising the number of work-in-process and finished goods items held in inventory, reducing costs, and lessening lead times for delivery.

4) Mass Production Method

Mass Production is very similar to Flow Production. This technique is highly beneficial when producing a large number of the same items in a short period of time. Some manufacturing facilities have assembly lines dedicated to a specific type of item which reduces the changeover time required and increases the overall production output. This allows manufacturers to increase their profits as the cost of production is greatly reduced.

5) Process Manufacturing Method

Process Production is a type of continuous process similar to Mass Production and Flow Production but is characterised by the continuous flow of materials through the production line. Usually, the finished goods produced in this type of production are not counted as discrete units.

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