5 Recent Tamil Films You Should Watch Online Without Spending a Dime

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Recent years have seen a renaissance in Tamil filmmaking. Several landmark films have catalyzed the film industry’s current flux. There has never been a better moment for Tamil cinema fans since several fantastic new films have just been launched. However, knowing where to begin might be challenging for newcomers to Tamil films. Knowing where to start when looking for the finest Tamil romance movies might be challenging.

This blog’s list of romantic films features some of Tamil cinema’s all-time greats. On this list of romantic movies, you’ll find everything from comedies to thrillers to dramas. Watching a Cloudy Romantic Movie together is a great way to spend time together. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most impressive romantic films to come out of Tamil cinema in recent years.



One such love tale is Pattas, which takes place in Chennai. The film opens in 2001 when Kanyakumari has just been incarcerated for murder. The story then jumps to the current day, when Shakthi alias Pattas is living a carefree life of petty theft and playful vengeance against Sadhana, the haughty neighbor girl. The second induces him to rob Nilan’s MMA school, where Nilan’s girlfriend works.

But when he finally tracks down his long-lost mother, Kanyakumari, who wants him to revenge the death of his Father, Thiraviyam, he learns that he has a past with Nilan.

God Father

God’s Father is a classic. In the film, the protagonist, a frightened family guy, tries to fight off the adversary, a feared mobster — and the filmmaker merely continues pushing this parallel farther at every possible chance. For one, there are the characters’ names themselves – Adhiya’maan’ (Natty) and Marudhu’singam’ (Lal) (Lal). The guy in question has a beard styled as a lion’s mane, and his ring features a lion’s snout.

If that weren’t enough, his faithful followers would wear animal masks for concealment. As for the finest part, well, let’s say the protagonist has a kind of guardian angel that performs him favors and offers him moral support without giving too much away.


Selvaraghavan’s Draupathi is a nail-biting mystery thriller set in Hindmoviezhd. At the start of Draupathi, a news bulletin reports that a local silambam teacher named Rudra Prabhakaran (Richard) had committed an honor killing by killing his wife and her sister. Six months later, when Prabhakaran was released from jail on bail, the story picks up again. He relocates to Chennai and, pretending to be a tea vendor, starts to observe proceedings at a local registrar’s office. Soon, he tracks down two guys and kills them. An undercover police officer is looking into these killings.


Draupathi (Sheela Rajkumar), the wife of an independent journalist who is shooting a short film on Prabhakaran, suspects foul play in the killings. She does further research but can’t discover proof that her assumptions are correct. Upon seeing Prabhakaran, he assures her that nothing of the kind is occurring in Chennai.

Velvet Nagaram

With Velvet Nagaram, first-time filmmaker P.Vasu depicts the hardships endured by a tribal tribe centered in a hill area. They have been ignored for a long time by politicians and the system. Their sole comfort is actress Gauri (Kasturi), who strives for their betterment in several ways. When she suddenly passes away, her journalist friend Usha (Varalaxmi) vows to track out her killer. To uncover more information about Gauri, she consults with her friend Priya (Malavika Sundar) and her husband Pradeep (Mugilan). Mala, a visitor from Chennai, checks into the hotel where Mugil works to conduct an investigation, but she and Mugil end up falling in love instead. One may fall in love at first sight.


Some of the most devoted fans of Tamil romance cinema claim Penguin as their all-time favorite film. Vedantham (Arvind Swamy) and Rathi (Rambha) are the leads, and the tale centers on their romance when Vedantham’s sister marries Rathi’s brother. A car accident leaves Vedantham momentarily paralyzed from the waist down, causing them to become separated. When he comes, he tries to locate Rathi, only to learn that she has already married someone else. However, the film’s happy ending occurs when Rathi gives birth to twins, even though one is paralyzed from the waist down like his Father.

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