5 Tips to Improve Cannabis Packaging and Designs


Here’s a pro tip for entrepreneurs looking to enter the cannabis industry: don’t be boring! Yes, you heard that right you need to stand out from the crowd, which means having a killer product design. With the legalization of marijuana, many brands are trying to get space in dispensaries. So, if your brand doesn’t stand out, people won’t buy it.

Your cbd packaging plays a vital role in the brand value increment. Therefore, you need to figure out what improvements you can make to enhance your brand’s worth.

How to Create Excitement About Your Cannabis Product

If you’re thinking of investing in the marijuana industry, this new opportunity may seem like a gold mine. But, before you start investing in cannabis, make sure that people are excited about your product. First, you need to know how to create interest in your product. Here’s how it works. Now that some states have legalized recreational marijuana, many brands are trying to get attention. They want a share of the lucrative market. So, how do you get noticed? From having a great website to an engaging Instagram account. For example, In motion Farms uses Instagram to introduce its products.

They show pictures of what they are selling. To create more excitement for your business, you don’t just need to post things on the internet. It is also essential to have people care about what you are selling online. It’s easy to get people to buy your product! To contact them interested, you can do a lot of things. For example, the next time you make a medical or recreational product before it comes out, you can talk about it and get people excited.

How to Choose the Best Packaging Materials

Packaging plays a significant role in selling your products. It’s the first thing the customer sees, and it helps you stand out from your competitors, so you must get it right. Cannabis packaging is essential. You need to know what is inside of it and how it’s made. Ingredients are what’s in the package, while the other three things we will talk about later.

This is why people use the only ingredients for product packaging: hemp seeds, CBD hemp oil, and coconut oil. They will help you create more minor of the “cannabis tars” made when making cannabis shatter and pressing it. It is easy to make new hemp products. Packaging is a part of any market and can be used for organic or industrial needs. You can visit Bellroy’s website to download their contact form or do some googling.

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Product Design for Your Brand

Three things determine what kind of design will work best for your brand. The first is the product, the second is where you’re selling it, and the third is who your customer base is. First, you’ll need to know the kind of audience you’re trying to reach with your product. Certain design styles are more appropriate for specific demographics. For example, flower designs require a distinct profile from a design perspective.

With food products, a good plan is more effective than a simple one. You also need to consider the location. One of the leading brands in this space has an easy layout. But they also have new flavors for each product category that you can see on their packaging or display in their store. These things, or factors, help you design your business. You can design it the way you want. Where do we start? Begin with persona development. You’re likely to make a person who is like you when you need to use a product. Also, think about the stories you have to tell. This sentence is not easy to understand. It says that a company might want to create a video showing the best medicine. The colors of the medicine are important because it matches how you feel when you have this medicine.

How to Use Illustration and Imagery in Cannabis Packaging

Each state has its regulations when it comes to packaging cannabis. In some states, you can’t show the word “cannabis” on any packaging. In other states, you can’t show the cannabis leaf. Cannabis packaging has a leaf on it. This sentence is about selling your products. First, you have to make sure they are of good quality and sell them so that people will want to buy them. This means making the packaging appealing and attractive. Pinterest sells popular products.

Marijuana is one of them, and it is popular because it has recognizable packaging. There are other things like CBD tinctures and edibles. What you won’t find in these products is a hashtag. All products that are sold with tags like Instagram Hashtag or Hollywood Brands Hashtag are not cannabis products. It is interesting because they stand out since they are not associated with cannabis. Hashtags are used to follow the company’s Twitter account. They help you find other people who like the same things as you. A new hashtag, OG9, uses an official symbol to spread awareness and opportunities on social media.

How to Use Color in Cannabis Packaging

You need to select the best custom packaging box with efficient color combinations. Color is vital in packaging, especially if you want to sell to non-pot smokers. Research shows that non-pot smokers are less likely to buy weed if it’s in a brown paper bag. Packaging is also crucial for branding. For example, Apple can sell its products just by putting its logo on the outside. It shows people what it is. Design is also vital to consider the consumer mindset. When we shop on the internet, we have easy access to many design options. But it can be hard to choose. We want something new and different. So why do we settle for the same boring products that retail stores display under the counter? Chris Cheesello said at Pubcon this year. People are beginning to question the value of the same old products that are not branded. This is hard for brands in competitive industries, but there are tricks.

Check your local laws:

States have been moving in different directions on marijuana legalization. California has passed a law that will make it harder for people to go to dispensaries. Ones registered with the state had to stop doing this because they did not have licenses in their town. Have a look at the map below to see if your location falls into the illegal list. If you fall into this category, you should be sheltering yourself by not operating a shop.

Not all states even have laws surrounding the dispensary industry. Several states allow product testing, but they didn’t get that allowance until recently. The testing law stipulates that you may not sell “usable” marijuana. If you sell something over six months old, you do not have to report it to the state. You can also test your products without breaking any rules. If your product is more than six months old, you’ll need to get your product tested. Specify as much as you can.


You can’t stand out from the crowd by using traditional packaging designs! That’s why you need to take a risk with your cannabis product packaging and strategies to find customers. These tips will help you find success.

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