6 alluring gift items for your fiancé in London

Want to give something to your fiancé on a special day? Here are a few ideas for you that shall make your fiancé happy for sure.

A beautiful long bodycon dress

A bodycon dress is a body-hugging dress made of stretchable fabric and it fits over a lady’s silhouette seamlessly. No matter what type of body your finance might have, a bodycon dress suits everybody and makes them look amazingly wonderful and it’s a must-have dress for every woman. Be it a candlelight dinner or any special event, a long red bodycon dress can steal the entire show when worn. Gifting your partner, a bodycon dress can certainly make them happy.

A tennis Bracelet

If your fiancé loves to wear simple yet classy jewellery, then a tennis bracelet is all they would love as a surprise gift. Tennis bracelets don’t have heavy designs and patterns. Tennis bracelets have symmetrical designs and feature connected diamonds on a metal chain which can either be elasticated or rigid as per your choice. Because of its simple and classy designs, almost every woman loves to have a tennis bracelet. If you want to buy a tennis bracelet affordably, then you can buy a bracelet made of man made diamonds UKOn the contrary, you can also check out bracelets made of other gemstones.

A solitaire rings

There is hardly any woman who would refuse a solitaire diamond ring given by their partner. No woman on this Earth can dislike a diamond ring. A solitaire diamond ring shall prove to be the most alluring gift given by you to your finance. Solitaire rings can be of many designs and shapes and the most desirable shape of the diamond in solitaire rings are the round shaped diamonds. Though they are costlier compared to the other shapes it’s worth the amount. Solitaire rings also come with a halo or in paved designs but no pattern or design can beat the simple design which has a simple band and a diamond attached by a prong.

Personalized bracelets

Personalized bracelets are also one of the cutest gifts you can give to your partner. All you need to do is select a plain metal bracelet of your choice, and on that plain surface, you can either engrave the name of your finance or both of your names or the date when you both first met. You can also add a tiny diamond to both ends of the surface. An engraved bracelet is a romantic gift for your partner.

Canvas tote bag

Tote bags are the primary requirement of every woman especially if they have to travel a lot. Today, the number of women solo travelers has increased to a great extent and your fiancé as a traveler shall love this gift of yours. Tote bags are the best travel bags as it’s easy to carry them and if your girl is a traveler too then be sure that she will love this gift of yours. they can hold a lot of stuff in them. Buy her one or two branded tote bags and make her day.


In this era of smartwatches, give your finance a beautiful analog watch that shall remind her about you and the time spent with you. Smartwatches shall come and go, but the traditional analog watch is never going to fade with time. Buy her a beautiful watch and to add more glory to it you can also add diamonds or other gemstones to it.
Planning to buy jewelry for your finance then check out the Hatton Garden jewellery stores in London. They shall assist you with your gift.

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