7 Funeral Plans You Can Purchase To Determine What Kind Of Memorial Service You Want

There are a lot of options available when planning a funeral, and it can be difficult to decide which would be the best fit for your loved ones. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular funeral plans on the market and show you what each one offers. After reading this, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of memorial service you want for your loved ones!


If you’re looking to plan a memorial service that reflects your loved one’s personality and interests, there are a variety of top 10 funeral plans available to you. Here are some examples of popular funeral plans:

The Standard Plan: The Standard Plan is the most popular funeral plan option and comes with a variety of optional add-ons, such as services at a favorite venue or burial location.

The Custom Plan: If you want more control over the details of your memorial service, the Custom Plan is perfect for you. With this plan, you can choose all the details, from the type of service to the memorial items included in the ceremony.

The Private Service: If you want to keep your memorial stone service private, the Private Service is for you. This option allows only family and close friends to attend the ceremony.

Choosing a Funeral Plan

When planning a funeral, it is important to choose a funeral plan that best suits your needs. There are many different funeral plans available, each with its own perks and drawbacks. Some of the most popular funeral plans include prepaid burial plans, pre-need burial plans, and life insurance policies that include a death benefit for funeral expenses.

Prepaid burial plans are the simplest type of funeral plan. Instead of paying for services up front, you pay an annual fee that covers the cost of burials in a designated cemetery. Pre-need burial plans work similarly, but instead of waiting until you need services before purchasing them, pre-need burial plans are offered by many insurance companies as part of their standard product offerings.

The trade-off for these two types of funeral plans is that you have less control over the services provided. With prepaid burial plans, you must trust that the cemetery chosen will be capable of handling your remains properly and meet your specific needs. With pre-need burial plans, you must trust that the insurance company will honor its promise to pay for services should you die before your policy expires.

Life insurance policies that include a death benefit for funeral expenses offer another option for those who want more control over their memorial service. With this type of policy, you can specify which cemetery or crematory you want your body buried or cremated at, as well as how much money you would like deposited into a special account specifically earmarked for funeral expenses.

What is Memorial Insurance?

Memorial insurance is a type of insurance that helps to cover the costs of funeral services. The policy can help to cover the costs associated with burial or cremation, as well as any other incidental expenses related to a funeral.

Some benefits of purchasing memorial insurance include reducing anxiety over financial matters related to funerals and ensuring that loved ones are able to have a ceremony that suits their individual needs and wishes. Many policies also offer bereavement benefits, which can provide support during difficult times.

If you’re considering purchasing memorial insurance, be sure to speak with a representative from the insurer to discuss your specific needs. You may also want to consider consulting an estate planning attorney, who can help you create a will or other estate documents that will ensure that your loved ones are taken care of should you pass away prematurely.

Ceremonial Services

If you’re looking to create a memorial service that reflects your unique personality, it’s important to consider what type of service you would like. There are several options available, including private ceremonies and funerals, memorial services in public places, and memorial services with cremation or burial.

Private ceremonies can be held at your home or the funeral home where the body is being kept. These services typically include religious readings, music, and expressions of sympathy from family and friends.

If you want to hold a memorial service in public place, there are several options available. You can have a service at a park or public square, on top of a hill overlooking a cityscape, or in front of the building where the deceased worked. All of these ceremonies offer beautiful views and opportunities for heartfelt remarks from friends and family members.

Memorial services with cremation or burial offer an efficient way to commemorate the deceased while preserving their remains. This option is especially popular among people who don’t have space for a traditional burial plot or those who want to keep their loved one close by. Services with cremation might include a graveside ceremony followed by cremation in a designated area near the cemetery. Burial might involve scattering ashes in nature or placing them inside a tombstone engraved with the loved one’s name.


In the end, what kind of memorial service do you want? Do you want a traditional funeral with a viewing and burial or would you like to have a cremation instead? You can purchase a funeral plan that will determine all of these details for you. Whether you choose to have a simple private ceremony with family or friends, or if you would like to hold an open-to-the-public memorial service, selecting the right funeral plan is important.


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