8X Hunting Game in Vietnam

During the summer months, many tourists are searching for adventure and the best way to do so is to go for an 8X hunting game in Vietnam. There are many aspects of this game that you need to know. These include how it works, the cost, and even the origins of the game.


Considering the fact that Vietnam is home to over seventy thousand of my countrymen, it is no surprise that gambling is a big business. A study of the aforementioned demographic found that the odds of winning the lottery are less than half a chance in the wild. The most expensive wagers are on par with those on the golf course. A slew of high rollers have been known to make the schlep across the globe to boot. One of the more seasoned of the crew was so impressed that he decided to start a gambling philanthropy in earnest. The prize of a plethora of prize winners is the best kind of apex that he cant resist. The other members of his trò chơi săn mồi entourage were a little more circumspect. The aforementioned duo were in for the duration of the evening. The only blem is that the aforementioned boffo was in the middle of the night. The aforementioned duo have to endure the unwary and less obliging aforementioned competitors, but the reward in hand is no doubt the aforementioned winners’ best memories.

Scopes used

Those who want to hunt big game in Vietnam will need an 8X scope. This is a powerful weapon that can be purchased for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Depending on the manufacturer, the scope can be purchased with or without an illuminated reticle.

capturing sharp images

The scope has a number of advantages. It is capable of capturing sharp images, and is compatible with night vision devices. It also has a number of brightness settings. These settings ensure that the reticle remains on the second focal plane even in low light conditions.

The scope’s design also allows it to be used for long-range shooting. It has an etched glass mil-dot reticle, which won’t distort under heavy use. The reticle also has a spot-on optical system.

5X5 matrix

The reticle also has a 5X5 matrix that provides precision aiming. It is made of 6063 aluminum and uses a CR2032 battery. It also has red illumination.The scope is also capable of seeing up to 1000 yards on a sunny day. It is also parallax-free at all magnification levels.


During the Vietnam War, the USMC issued rifles with 8X hunting style scopes. In a bid to teach soldiers sniper rifle skills, the USMC devised the 8X game.

 8X Unertl

This hunting game was based on an 8X Unertl scope mounted on a Winchester Model 70. The goal of the game was to shoot as many opponents as possible trò chơi săn mồi with the sniper rifle. There were two versions of the game, namely, the “Winner Takes All” mode and the “Winner Takes All, and Never Loses” mode.

Mekong Delta region

The 8X game was a popular form of hunting in the Mekong Delta region. This is where the game originated, but it soon spread to other regions of Vietnam. It became popular among nobles and was later banned by French hunting laws. However, the game has survived and is still popular among children today. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology displays the game’s instructions, and hopes to keep it alive for future generations.

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