A Beginner’s Guide To Dog-Walking

The highlight of your dog’s day—and, hey, maybe the highlight of yours as well—is taking a walk. If you’ve never walked a dog before, you might think it’s fairly easy. But in reality, it takes some planning and training to make a walk fun for both you and your dog. Below are some tips on dog walking from Sugar Paws, the best pet grooming in Dubai.

Set up a routine


A happy and healthy dog needs a productive daily routine. It’s also crucial for their owners because it fosters a strong bond of affection between them.


A dog’s daily schedule consists of four main components: exercise (dog walking), diet, grooming, and sleep hygiene. When planning a regimen for your new dog, it is important that you consult a qualified veterinarian.


As devoted pets, dogs deserve to be given attention and time. Set up a dedicated time for your dog; you can walk him once you come home from work or simply play fetch with him in a dog park.


Spend time with your dog every day to improve your bond!


Opt for a short leash and a front-clip harness


Sugar Paws suggests a front clip harness and a short leash for new dog owners who have little to no experience walking their pets. These dog accessories let owners maintain better control when their dog pulls, which facilitates and improves the dog’s comfort while out for a walk.


In contrast to dog collars, which obstruct normal blood flow when dogs tug on the leash aggressively, these do not suffocate the dog’s neck. Lack of blood flow can eventually harm your dog’s organs by causing blood clots.


Find the ideal time to take your dog for a walk

The best time to take your dog for a walk is in the morning so they can go poop and early in the day to prevent unexpected accidents later. Morning walks give your dog a chance to burn off some energy early and contribute to a happier disposition throughout the day.


Avoid walking your dog during a storm since they could get terrified and run off. Additionally, it is better to not go walking on a warm and humid day because your pup could become too hot and dehydrated.


Allow your dog to get accustomed to the leash and harness


It can be exciting for a dog to use a leash for the first time but it can also get a bit overwhelming. The most important thing is to make your dog comfortable and confident around the leash or harness.


Introducing a new dog or puppy to a leash and harness is the first step in teaching them to walk on a leash. While your dog should be encouraged to sniff the leash, you don’t want them to gnaw on it or pull too hard. Start by putting the dog’s harness on, then let him run around the house or backyard for a while so he can become acclimated to it.


Control your walks


Being a dog owner involves several responsibilities, including leading walks. You lead your dog’s movements, what they see, and what they do. Many people believe that letting the dog lead the walk is more natural, but this can be risky because you never know what your dog will do next.


When taking a walk with your dog, the first thing you should do is gain control. If your dog is yanking on the leash, stop right away and don’t go any farther until the dog stops.


Dogs have a pack mentality. It is imperative for dog owners to walk in front to establish themselves as the pack leader. If  your dog controls the walks, he/she might never see you as the pack leader, which can have an impact on their ability to learn commands. If your dog doesn’t view you as being in charge, he/she will be less inclined to obey you.


You should be the first person to enter and exit the house. Your dog should either be at your side or behind you when you are walking.


Get your dog a GPS tracker


The best tip for a new dog parent is to have your dog properly identified with your contact information or have them tracked via a microchip.


A GPS tracker is a gadget that you can attach to your dog’s collar or harness, and it will constantly keep track of where your dog is. This can be quite useful if you’re concerned about your dog running loose outside or if they have a history of getting lost. Another great idea is to have your dog wear a dog tag with your contact information and his name on it.


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