A Budget-friendly guide to renting an apartment in Dubai

A Budget-friendly guide to renting an apartment in Dubai

Among the most desirable destinations in the world, Dubai remains a crusher. Yet, the first step after moving to an unfamiliar state includes getting a suitable residential unit ASAP. While Dubai is not short on residential properties, ex-pats and small families often find apartments as viable options for their livelihood. Just when you think it’s going to be a big affair, our budget-friendly guide for how you can approach the Best apartments for rent in Dubai steps in.

Following the tips we’ve appeared with, you can achieve an appropriate living option without breaking your bank. So, with further ado, let’s get to work.

Step # 1- Organise your Budget 

Firstly, organising your finances is crucial, mainly when living in Dubai. Even when renting, instantly adapting to luxuries isn’t a wise option. Real estate experts say house rent must never exceed 20% of your monthly income. So, set your finances straight before proceeding with the apartment hunt. There’s another scenario that says you must’ve savings to enjoy the adventurous perks of Dubai on weekends and holidays.

Step # 2- Search through online listings

Do you know what the most impressive perk of modernisation is? The availability of online portals allows looking out for housing options. These are the authentic listings made by real estate agents or sellers themselves. You only need to browse through various flats available in the desired neighborhood. Apply filters as required and shortlist properties, then consult the agent to get a virtual tour.

Step # 3- Check the agent’s identity 

Before proceeding with the paperwork, it’s imperative to check the agent’s identity. While other states might allow it, Dubai is quite strict in this case. As an expat, you can mistake hiring anything that appears authentic. However, checking their background is every expert’s top advice. 

Since the agents are responsible for preparing the documentation, ensure they’re registered with RERA (The Real Estate Regulatory Agency). You’ll have to bear hefty financial services if you are caught working with a freelance agent.

Step # 4- Stay close to your workplace

Next, you must try to get an apartment nearby your workplace as traffic in Dubai gets daunting during rush hours. Besides, it’ll help you save on transportation costs if you don’t own a car, which is one of the most significant benefits of it all. Since the selection is in your hands, seeking properties close to your office would be wise. And so you can keep the excess amount saved for other chores.  

Step # 5- Determine your housing options

There are various options available in the case of apartments in Dubai. For instance, do you want a furnished or an unfurnished flat? Will it be a 2-bed apartment or a studio flat? Whatever the requirement is, you can easily find one. However, beware of the hidden costs that tag along. In some cases, furnished apartments might not have quality furniture, and you’ll have to get it replaced. So, resolve the matter before signing the tenancy contract.

Step # 6- Document everything in writing

Unlike your hometown, every rent contract in Dubai gets registered with EJARI, so never rely on any agreement the broker issues. And so, you must always get it reviewed by a real estate attorney. In addition, every document must be written, as there’s no credibility in a verbal agreement. Getting a virtual state of how the apartment will look after your move is also a good idea. Ensure that your name is inserted correctly on the doc and it’s not misunderstood by anyone else’s

Step # 7- Know your rights as a renter

Although you’ll have to comply with the landlord in every case, there’s a limit to it. Even as a renter, you’ve certain rights the UAE government provides. For instance, the landlord can’t show up any time of the day without informing, and you can send them away in such cases. 

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Also, a rent increase must follow the rent index by the RERA, which gets updated every three months. Next, they can’t evict you from the property without notice. Once you find another property, only then can you leave the premises. Or else, you can file a complaint regarding them.

The End

As much as renting in Dubai appears effortless, the more it gets complicated with time. However, the above tips will be handy if you’re on a budget. For this purpose, experts suggest connecting with https://www.zoomproperty.com/ to get the best deals onboard.

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