A Collation of Wrike Project Management vs Smartsheet Project Management Software

Project management in business is the act of organizing and planning resources to accomplish specific goals. It is an essential function of any business and can have a major impact on the success or failure of the whole organization.

To ensure the success of a project, business teams can use a variety project management methods. Scrum, agile, and waterfall are the most common methodologies.

Waterfall is a traditional, linear approach to project management–typically used for large, complex projects. It is known for its rigid structure and emphasis on delivering projects in a sequential, linear manner.

Agile project management is flexible and iterative. It is well-suited for complex and uncertain projects. Agile uses short iterative cycles (called Sprints) and emphasizes customer feedback and collaboration.

Scrum is an agile method that uses self-organizing and cross-functional teams. Scrum teams are usually small (between 5 and 9 members) with a high degree autonomy.

Project management is complex and requires a lot of knowledge. There are many ways to manage projects and not one method is best for every project. It all depends on the project’s specific requirements and objectives.


This article will discuss two popular project management software platforms, Smartsheet and Wrike. Wrike project management  is a robust and versatile project management software. Smartsheet, on the other hand is a modern project management and work management software.

To help you decide which tool is better, we compare Smartsheet and Wrike project management.


Wrike Software

Wrike allows users to work together on projects and tasks at the same time. It’s a cloud-based software that can be accessed from any location at any time. Wrike allows users to create, assign, track, and receive real-time updates. Wrike is a powerful tool that can manage projects of any size.


Wrike Software Features Overview

This software has the following features:

  • The dashboard allows for easy visualization of tasks and processes.
  • This software automates workflows to decrease manual effort
  • Mobile and desktop app access make it easier to work from any location
  • Users can view the progress of projects and create custom workflows .
  • The platform allows you to collaborate and proof in one place
  • Cross-tagging allows visibility across multiple work streams
  • Gantt charts simplify project scheduling between teams
  • Managers are able to plan and allocate resources for timely delivery
  • All approved parties can remain in the loop from beginning to end of a project
  • You can customize work items to meet specific workplace needs
  • Users can create custom forms using conditional logic
  • This software integrates more than 400 popular apps

Wrike Demo

Demos are helpful in understanding how software applications work and whether they will be beneficial to your business. Software Finder allows you to request a Wrike demo.

Wrike Cost

The vendor offers three paid plans and a free package. All paid plans come with a free trial, while the free version allows for up to five users. Contact the vendor for more information about pricing.

Wrike Reviews

Wrike’s integration options have been praised by users. The software is able to handle complex projects. However, users have expressed concerns about the interface being difficult to use. Users also feel that the customization options make it difficult to use at first.


Smartsheet Software

Smartsheet, a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool, allows users to collaborate on projects of any size. It’s easy to use and simple to learn, making Smartsheet project management a great tool to project managers of all levels.

The software can be customized to meet any project’s needs. Smartsheet features include Gantt charts, task management, file sharing and real-time collaboration. Smartsheet integrates with many other software applications making it an ideal tool for managing all aspects a project.

Smartsheet Software Features Overview

Box has the following features:

  • A simple way to connect everyone using one platform
  • A utility to automate repetitive tasks
  • One platform to organize, manage, and review content production
  • Users can automate requests and process tickets
  • Information can be shared across platforms, making workflows efficient
  • Choose the best team members for a project, and forecast your resourcing requirements
  • An easy way to manage and distribute assets, as well as monitor their performance
  • This software is easy to use and allows you to build simple-to-navigate business apps in minutes
  • Administrators can set up and manage global controls

Smartsheet Demo

Software Finder allows you to request a demo of Smartsheet software. This demo provides a great opportunity to get a deep understanding of the various features available.

Smartsheet Cost

The software does not come with a free version. There are four plans available from the vendor. All plans include a 30-day trial without any credit card. For more information on Smartsheet pricing, interested parties can contact the vendor.

Smartsheet Reviews

Smartsheet software has been used by users to improve their productivity. Users also love the ease-of-use, automation, and data visualization capabilities of Smartsheet software. However, Smartsheet reviews have indicated that scaling the software may prove difficult.


Wrike Project Management vs Smartsheet Project Management — The Final Verdict

Smartsheet and Wrike are both project management software that allow users to collaborate and manage projects. There are however some key differences.

Wrike, a cloud-based collaboration tool that allows users to manage projects of any size, is available. Smartsheet, which is also cloud-based, offers fewer collaboration features and is more suitable for smaller projects. Wrike is a great choice for large-scale project management. Wrike also integrates well with other software solutions making it easy to use with other tools.

Smartsheet, on the other hand, offers many of Wrike’s same features, but is easier and simpler to use. Although it doesn’t have as many task management tools, Smartsheet has a user-friendly interface. Smartsheet is also cheaper than Wrike which makes it an excellent choice for small businesses and teams that are on a tight budget.

We hope you found this comparison between Smartsheet and Wrike project management useful. Software Finder has more information about the different software applications.

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