10 Ways To Find Academy Sports Near Me

academy sports near me


Academy sports near me + Outdoors are one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the United States. With over 250 stores across the country, finding an Academy near you is easy. What’s even better is that each store stocks a wide variety of sports equipment, apparel, and footwear from top brands, making it a one-stop shop for all your sporting needs. If you’re looking for ways to find Academy Sports near me, read on for 10 tips.

What is Academy Sports?

Academy Sports is a leading sporting goods retailer with over 250 locations across the United States. We offer a wide range of products for all your sporting needs, including athletic apparel, footwear, equipment, and more. Our friendly and knowledgeable staffs are always on hand to help you find the perfect product for your needs.

No matter what your sport of choice is, Academy Sports has you covered. We carry everything from basketball to football to golf to hunting and fishing gear. We even have a huge selection of outdoor gear for camping, hiking, and more. And if you’re looking for workout clothes or shoes, we have those too!

If you’re not sure where your nearest Academy Sports store is located, simply head to our website and use our store locator tool. Just enter your zip code and we’ll show you all the stores in your area. So what are you waiting for? Come visit us today and start shopping for all your sporting needs!

The History of Academy Sports

Assuming you would like a history of the company:

Academy Sports + Outdoors were founded in 1938 by Richard E. “Dick” Geismar and John W. Harper as Academy Tire Shop in San Antonio, Texas. The first store was located at 818 West Ave. In 1946, the name changed to Academy Sporting Goods Company which eventually led to the addition of several other stores in small towns across Texas. By 1960, Academy had grown to ten locations. The company went public in 1968 and began trading on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol ASOIA.

In 1972, David Hirschfield acquired a controlling interest in the company, becoming Chairman and CEO. Hirschfield led a leveraged buyout of the company in 1979, taking it private again. In 1988, Academy opened its first store outside of Texas, in Louisiana. During this period, they also acquired Outdoor World, hunting and fishing retailer based out of Baton Rouge with 17 locations across Louisiana and Mississippi.

In 1996, Sam Walton’s grandson (John) Rob Walton joined the board of directors, becoming chairman in 2003 following Hirschfield’s retirement. Under Rob Walton’s leadership, the company expanded significantly beyond its Texas roots; by 2005 143 stores were spanning 13 states from Florida to Arizona to Oklahoma.

The company underwent significant changes following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Many employees were displaced and stores were closed due to damage sustained during the hurricane. After

How to Find an Academy Sports Store near You

Academy Sports + Outdoors are one of America’s largest sporting goods retailers, with over 250 locations nationwide. You can find an Academy Sports store near you by using the Store Locator on the company website. Simply enter your city, state, or ZIP code into the search bar and a list of nearby stores will be generated. Each store listing includes the store’s address, phone number, and hours of operation.

The Different Types of Products Offered at Academy Sports

There are a few different types of products offered at Academy Sports. The first type is apparel. This includes clothing and shoes for both men and women. The second type is equipment. This includes items such as golf clubs, baseball bats, and fishing poles. The third type is accessories. This includes items such as backpacks, water bottles, and sunglasses.

The Services Offered at Academy Sports

Academy Sports offers a wide variety of sporting goods and equipment for both casual and serious athletes. In addition to traditional sports equipment, they also offer fitness gear, workout clothes, and even hunting and fishing gear. If you need it for a sport or outdoor activity, Academy Sports is likely to have it in stock.

What’s more, Academy Sports’ prices are very competitive. They frequently offer sales and discounts, making it easy to find bargains on everything from baseball gloves to kayaks. And if you’re looking for even deeper discounts, be sure to check out their clearance items which are often marked down by as much as 50%.

The Advantages of Shopping at Academy Sports

Shopping at Academy Sports has some advantages. First, the store offers a wide variety of sporting goods and equipment, making it a great place to find everything you need for your favorite sports.

Second, the prices at Academy Sports are very competitive, making it a great place to save money on your sporting goods purchases.

Third, the store offers a wide range of services, including free shipping on orders over $25 and a free in-store pick-up option for online orders.

Finally, the store’s loyalty program offers discounts and coupons that can be used on future purchases, making it a great way to save even more money on your sporting goods needs.

The Disadvantages of Shopping at Academy Sports

There are a few disadvantages to shopping at Academy Sports. First, the store is often out of stock on popular items. Second, the prices can be higher than in other stores. Third, the store is not always clean and organized.

10 Tips for Shopping at Academy Sports

Academy Sports is a national retailer of sporting goods and outdoor equipment. The company has stores in 35 states, with the majority of locations in Texas. Academy Sports operates under the names Academy Sports + Outdoors, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Field & Stream.

When shopping at Academy Sports, keep the following tips in mind:

– Check the store locator on the company website to find the nearest location.

– Call ahead to confirm hours of operation and product availability.

– Browse the weekly ad online or in-store to find sales and discounts.

– Sign up for the email newsletter to receive exclusive coupons and deals.

– Follow Academy Sports on social media for news about new products and upcoming sales events.


We hope this article has helped you find an Academy Sports near you. With so many locations across the United States, there’s sure to be one close by. Whether you’re looking for a new place to work out or just need some new gear, Academy Sports is a great option. Be sure to check out their website or stop by a location today and see what they have to offer!

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