Advantages of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

EV charging stations

In reality, under pressure from stricter anti-pollution rules, automakers have poured significant resources into the research, development, and production of electric motors with the goal of replacing conventionally propelled vehicles with these.

However, drivers are becoming more curious in these cutting-edge motors due to their potential for cost savings and increased awareness of environmental issues.

The introduction of electric automobiles to India is a relatively recent phenomenon, and research and development in this area are still in the early stages. As the price of gasoline and diesel continues to rise, more and more charging stations for electric vehicles are being installed around the nation.

EV charging stations are convenient and environmentally friendly. They can be installed quickly, in an existing site or a new one, with minimal impact. The technology is simple to use, fast, physically safe and reliable. Electric vehicle charging stations are mainly used for electric cars by themselves or as part of a fleet’s power supply system.


Let’s take a closer look to learn about the inner workings of electric vehicle charging stations and the many column options.

Column-equipped charging stations are what we have in mind when we say “EV charging stations” for your electric vehicle.

Columns may be pole-, wall-, or portable-mounted, and a wireless system is in the works to enable charging simply by setting the vehicle on a charging pas.

Charging stations for electric vehicles may be either;

  • The private sector makes use of these columns, which are erected by a technician who then links the column to the power grid, and places them in residential areas, commercial parking lots, and the parking lots of restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.
  • Streets, public parking lots, train stations, airports, and other public places often have columns built by energy managers.


Many businesses have jumped into the charging station industry in response to the rapid expansion of the E-mobility sector because of the many benefits it offers from a financial and ecological perspective.

Let’s have a look at a few examples:

  • Benefits to the environment include decreased PM10 particulate emissions, leading to better air quality, and decreased energy use and resource waste.
  • The state offers tax benefits, the installation costs are limited, and the columns may be modified to meet the demands of the consumer.
  • From a modernism and innovation perspective, as well as a sustainability one, the presence of EV charging stations at a firm strengthens its image.
  • Loyalty from clients is boosted since those who drive electric cars are more likely to participate in business events because of this novel service.
  • Customers have complete freedom in how they utilize the columns, and there is no need to pay more for management staff.


Companies like Statiq provide comprehensive consulting services for anyone looking to set up an electric vehicle charging station, from initial market research and product selection through final installation.

Since electric cars are becoming more popular, “service stations” complete with charging infrastructure must be installed in various public places such as parking lots, highway rest stops, and city streets.

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