Aluminium Windows: Why You Should Make Them Your Next Investment

aluminium windows

Aluminium has been called a ‘magical metal’. Mainly found as Bauxite ore, it’s the third most common element in the earth’s crust and the most abundant metal on the planet. But what makes it perfect for use in windows, doors and curtain walling?

Well, it’s the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of modern-day aluminium alloys that account for the steep rise in its global use at over 5% every year. Here are just 8 reasons why the market for aluminium frames in the glazing world continues to grow, now dominating the commercial market and giving PVC-U a run for its money in the residential sector:

1) Lightweight yet strong –

The lightest of all conventional construction materials such as glass, steel and concrete, aluminium is also one of the strongest metals around. It’s 10 times stronger than iron but only weighs about one eighth of what steel does per unit area. This makes it an ideal choice for building facades where weight is a major issue such as high-rise buildings or large structures like stadium roofs which require extra strength without adding too much weight.

2) Resistant to corrosion –

Aluminium windows are a low-maintenance option, so you can relax about them. If the wind blows, rain or cold weather is forecast, your aluminium window will still perform their job of keeping bad weather at bay – they’re perfect for those properties that need a hard wearing replacement window. Aluminium won’t swell or shrink like timber or PVC-U frames and won’t be damaged by cleaning products so you can clean them whenever you want without causing any damage. And forget about rotting timber frames that may be affected in wet conditions.

3) Won’t break –

Aluminium has a number of properties that make it ideal for use in window frames and curtain walls. As it is non-magnetic, lightweight and corrosion resistant, aluminium windows are energy efficient as well as being strong and durable. The powder coat finishes used on aluminium windows give them added UV protection which helps to maintain their finish for longer – this is particularly important where large areas of glass are being used.

4) 100% Recyclable – 

Its high strength and good corrosion resistance makes it suitable for many applications. For example the car industry uses aluminium for car components such as engine blocks, wheels and suspension systems. Aerospace technology extends to the use of aluminium alloys in airframe structures and fuel tanks, for example. These advantages together with the lightweight properties and easy processing mean that aluminium is one of the most widely used materials in production today.

5) Very strong – 

Aluminum alloys are used to make window, door and curtain wall frames. That’s because pure aluminum on its own doesn’t have a high tensile strength. However, once it is alloyed with other elements like manganese, silicon, copper and magnesium its strength increases vastly. The tensile strength of pure aluminum is around 90 MPa but can be increased to over 690 MPa as an alloy. In fact, Aluminium which as we already saw is one of the lightest engineering metals has a far better strength to weight ratio than steel when used as an alloy. Read about tmt bar Also : tmt bar

6) Readily forms alloys – 

Window extrusions are used in applications where large parts of glass and/or metal frames need to be supported. They are available in a range of sizes and can easily be fitted into standard window framing systems. Extrusions are made from extruded aluminium and have excellent tensile strength, thermal conductivity and light weight. Aluminium is a cost-effective and durable material that provides excellent thermal insulation, UV protection and resistance to corrosion over the long term. More than half of all aluminium is used for extruded profiles for windows, doors and other building products. 

7) Easy to make into frames –

We stock a range of high specification aluminium windows from Aluxx. These clean, contemporary aluminium profiles are stylish and sophisticated with an aesthetic that is both elegant and modern. The aluminium frame has great thermal properties, making it an excellent choice for homes in all climates. Our frames are available in a range of colours including white, bronze, grey and black. Our high quality aluminium frames also offer excellent sound insulation qualities making it easy to insulate between the panels to achieve excellent thermal performance

8) Decorative –

Aluminium is one of the most versatile architectural materials with a huge range of colours and surface finishes. It can be easily anodized or potassium blast finished to give it a decorative smooth or textured finish. This means that aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling not only perform well but look fantastic too. Anodising is carried out by immersing the aluminium in an acid electrolyte bath and passing an electric current through it. This converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, aluminium oxide finish. The aluminium oxide is fully integrated with the underlying aluminium modern window design, so that it cannot chip or peel, making it amazingly durable.

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