Banglarbhumi 2022: All You Must Know About It

In West Bengal, the land and property-linked documents can be simply accessed online through the Banglarbhumi 2022 website. The portal offers a host of services under the West Bengal State Government Land & Land Reforms & Refugee Relief & Rehabilitation Department. Key services offered by the Banglarbhumi portal are plot maps & linked info, AnyROR (record of rights) application, conversion application, ISU management, mutation application, Thika tenancy and linked info, land distribution, citizen-centric services, and Indo-Bangladesh border demarcation.


Additionally, property details like owner name, property size or area, property value and the plot number are even accessible through the Banglarbhumi site. Till June, the Banglarbhumi site had around 42,000 mouza, wise land info, i.e., localities and nearly 4 crore plots or khatians.


What is the crucial service provided by the Banglarbhumi site?


The Banglarbhumi portal is one of the robust steps towards digital providence of land records to common West Bengal citizens. A user can get the below-listed services in the portal of Banglarbhumi –

∙       Management and administration of land records of West Bengal

∙       Functions linked with state land use board

∙       Management of land records data

∙       Thika tenancy activities

∙       Administrative control of the rent control courts throughout West Bengal

∙       Online integration with regional registration offices for the automated mutation

∙       Information sharing with the citizens through SMSs and Emails

∙       Ensuring transparency in the mutation cases

∙       Coordination and data sharing with different departments

∙       Digital availability of the land records

∙       Plot map and info request

∙       Warish application and online conversion

∙       Mouza map request as well as online ROR

∙       Conversion and mutation status check

Banglarbhumi 2022 benefits


The introduction of Banglarbhumi buying and selling of property in West Bengal enabled you to make the most of the following benefits –

∙       Get detailed info regarding plot info and Khaitan

∙       All land info and land records are available at a single portal Banglarbhumi

∙       It presents 100 per cent transparency

∙       You do not require visiting the office now to access the land records

∙       Portal assists in saving time and money both

What are the crucial features of the Banglarbhumi land record online portal?


Listed here are some of the crucial features to assist you in knowing more regarding the Banglarbhumi record portal –

∙       Instant registration – Banglarbhumi land records portal offers a quick and short registration process for site visitors. Users require providing their fundamental information like name, address, mobile number, user type etc. and the location info like district, pin code and municipality.

∙       Easy navigation – The Bangabhumi land records online site provides an instant navigation option for the users. All online services available on the online portal are just one to two clicks away and can be simply availed easily.

∙       Downloads – You can download distinct kinds of land record forms from the Banglarbhumi portal in only a few clicks. The best thing about the site is that such forms are available in both Bengali and English language. So, based on your preferred language, you can download the form.

∙       FAQs – The portal also comes with FAQs to assist you in finding the answers to your queries easily. The section even contains manual documents for your activities, such as mutation application, ROR application, plot map application and conversion application.

∙       Events and news – The Banglarbhumi land record even help with providing you with the latest events and news. This assists you in remaining updated with your property values, land records and other property-linked details.

∙       Act and rules – The portal have a rule and act section that comes with a pdf file for distinct constitutions and amendments linked with the West Bengal government.

How can you register for Banglarbhumi 2022?


To avail of the mutations, land records and various other information online, you must form an online account on the Banglarbhumi site. To create an account on the Banglarbhumi gov site, follow the below step –


Step no. 1 – Login into the official site of Banglarbhumi

Step no. 2 – On the home page, you will find the sign-up option. Click on the sign-up option.

Step no. 3 – Here, you must fill in the below-listed details –

∙       Name

∙       Address

∙       Guardian’s name

∙       Municipality

∙       User type

∙       Pin code

∙       District

∙       Email ID

∙       Phone number

∙       Email OTP

∙       Mobile OTP

∙       Captcha Code

∙       Password

Step no. 4 – Once you successfully fill up all the details, click on submit button. Once you do this, you will become Banglarbhumi’s registered user.


How can departmental users login into the Banglarbhumi site?


Additionally, to normal users, the departmental users also can log in to the site of Banglarbhumi. To log in as a departmental user, you must ensure to follow the listed steps –


Step no. 1 – Login to the Banglarbhumi’s official site

Step no. 2 – On the site’s homepage, press on the sign-in option present at the top

Step no. 3 – A window will open, and you will require to select from the departmental user/citizens.

Step no. 4 – Select the departmental user option and fill up the username and password section.

Step no. 5 – Input the captcha and enter it on login. You will be logged in as Banglarbhumi’s departmental user.


How can you check the West Bengal land record at the Banglarbhumi site?


The process to check the West Bengal land record is stated below –

You can conveniently access the land records through the online channel on the Banglarbhumi site by following the below-mentioned steps.


Step no. 1: Log in to the Banglarbhumi site and then enter the option know your property.

Step no. 2: On the page where you are redirected, choose the appropriate block, mouza, and district.

Step no. 3: 2 options will be given to search the land record. Ensure to select between them – Search by Khatian and Search by Plot. Input the captcha or the security code and then click on the view option.

Step no. 4: Records will instantly be displayed on your screen.


How can you check your LR and RS info online on the Banglarbhumi site?


For this, ensure to follow the below-listed steps –


Step no. 1 – Login to the Banglarbhumi site and go to the citizen services option.

Step no. 2 – Select the LR or RS option on the page where you are redirected. Select the apt block, district name and mouza. Between LR and RS, choose the required choices.

Step no. 3 – Input the plot number, then click on the search option. All details will display online instantly.


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