Before you buy a used Motorcycle, here are the things you should know

used motorcycles

A well-liked mode of transportation is the motorcycle. We can’t dispute that riding motorcycles makes it easier to navigate congested streets and small lanes. Like no other type of transportation, they provide convenience. However, accidents involving two-wheelers are rather common. Motorcycle insurance is required in India for this reason. A used Motorcycle might also be a smart choice if you want to purchase a bike for yourself but don’t want to deplete your money. But don’t forget to purchase online motorcycle insurance for extra protection against unforeseen events.

Discover what to check for when buying a used motorcycle by reading on.

Before buying a used motorcycle, consider these factors

When you have already decided to purchase a used motorcycle but are unsure of where to begin? Not to worry. Here is a list to guide your decision-making.

Identify the purpose of your bike purchase

It’s crucial to decide why you want to acquire a bike. Bikes may be expensive, from petrol to bike maintenance and insurance. Knowing your needs can help you focus on the best bikes, whether you need one for daily commuting to work or desire a cruiser for long road vacations.

The bike needs to be examined physically

Before purchasing a bike, give it a thorough inspection. Check for any blemishes, dents, fractures, missing or damaged pieces, fuel leaks, corrosion, paint problems, the condition of cables and chains, etc. Start the motorcycle cold to check the horn, engine, lights, and other components. A qualified technician is always useful to have around to make sure all the details are considered.

Evaluate the history of maintenance records

To determine how much maintenance the bike needs, get servicing records from the owner. Additionally, it will show you how the bike is currently doing. If there are no records, get a verbal estimate from them.

Research thoroughly about bikes

It’s time to do some study on your bike possibilities now that you’re aware of them. Visit the internet and learn about the models that will serve your needs. Visit several dealers as well to obtain advice from professionals. You may buy a used motorcycle from a friend or acquaintance, online, or both.

Try out the bike by taking it for a spin

Test-ride the bike once your initial check has pleased you. You may get a good feel of the bike’s performance and condition with a brief test ride. Make sure to check the clutch, brakes, gears, and manual or ignition switch to verify whether they are functioning properly. Be alert for any unusual noises. Check any errors with the owner.

Be sure to check the VIN

If you are satisfied with the bike’s performance, verify the chassis number or vehicle identification. The engine and license number numbers ought to be the same. Give the number to the manufacturer, state authorities, and bike insurance company so they may check the bike’s history with them.

Negotiate the price of the purchase

Negotiate the price based on your evaluation of the bike. Make that the owner has all necessary papers, including the registration certificate and a bike insurance policy.

A complete list of the paperwork needed when purchasing a used motorcycle

Any pre-owned vehicle purchase necessitates some documentation. When you purchase a used motorcycle, the previous owner transfers ownership to you. This entails a number of papers, such as the Pollution Under Control certificate and the two-wheeler insurance. After then, extra documentation must be completed in order to complete the legal transfer of ownership.

A list of all the necessary papers is provided below:

  • Forms 28, 29, and 30 of the RTO
  • Certificate from PUC
  • Motorcycle sales receipt
  • Tax-related receipts
  • The seller’s passport-size pictures and a proof of address

You can get the transfer deed or the transfer car registration certificate after you have these papers. This document serves as evidence that the two-wheelers are legally yours.

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Your two-wheeler insurance policy

It is a legal requirement for all motorcycle owners to obtain motorcycle insurance. As a result, don’t forget to get your two-wheeler insurance policy transferred into your name. If the bike’s insurance coverage is about to expire, make sure you renew it online during the transfer procedure. If you want to switch to a new insurance provider, be sure to compare the various online insurance policies for the bike.

Final note

To choose the ideal used motorcycle for your requirements, utilize this advice. If you take good care of your used bike, it will last you for many years. To avoid costly expenditures, make sure you have reliable bike insurance!

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