Botox is More Common Than Most People Think

Botox is More Common Than Most People Think

How common are Botox applications today? Regular people of all types of backgrounds and careers are receiving Botox injections for a plumper, livelier appearance every six months on average. As Joel Aronowitz, MD has seen in his own experience, the procedure has gained widespread acceptance and stability as a means of minor plastic surgery that provides a relatively medium-term approach towards facial improvement without the serious commitment of a full surgical procedure.

In many cases, patients don’t necessarily need to go to the lengths of a facelift per se. Dermal fillers like Botox can provide noticeable improvement that simply needs to be maintained periodically to remove minor wrinkling and sagging, especially around the eyes and forehead, according to Joel Aronowitz.

The popularity of the Botox procedure has, no surprise, been augmented by the fact that people have been finding themselves pulled into or required to be in digital meetings with far greater frequency. That has in turn created a new awareness both of being on camera as well as how one looks online as well (it doesn’t help that most digital cameras aim upward, making the nose and neck look bigger as well).

In many experts’ opinion, the beauty of the Botox procedure is also in its temporary nature. If it turns out that the patient doesn’t like the way the procedure works or the results, he or she simply quits any further treatment and the effect wears off and goes away within a few months. The same can’t be said for a full plastic surgery procedure which creates a permanent effect due to the nature of the process.

More importantly, Botox has gained widespread acceptance, both as a cosmetic procedure as well as a medical one. Believe it or not, Botox is also used as a doctor-administered migraine treatment as well, with a similar schedule of application and procedure every few months. It’s a prime example of how a modern medical product can be applied to multiple uses and benefits, both in plastic surgery as well as in standard medicine.

Botox has also gained appeal across the board. Both men and women have been utilizing the procedure for appearance improvement and the effect of a younger, more youthful appearance. As a result, the procedure has crossed out of the category of being a single-gender procedure and has both general market attraction and social acceptance. That, in turn, has fueled further attention to Botox for new patients as well. Joel Aronowitz expects the procedure to continue to be strong in demand as well as fuel additional, improved products in the near term as demand fuels more competition in the plastic surgery product industry. And that stands to be a benefit for customers overall.

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