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Tidal is very similar to the previous one, although its subscription fee is somewhat higher. The songs to which it gives access are of high quality and it offers various functionalities. Among them, listening to music offline.

If you activate the offline mode, you can download the songs that you like the most on your siphoned or pad and enjoy them whenever you want. It is very useful when your connection is not good or you have no mobile data left. If you run out of space, you can easily delete songs.

Tidal offers a 30-day free trial.

You can then choose between two paid plans: Premium, for $9.99/month ($4.99 students) with standard audio quality; and Haifa, for $19.99/month ($9.99 students) with high-quality sound. A very intuitive app to download pagalworld mp3 for phone for free!

The iTunes Store —previously known as iTunes— continues to be a digital music download platform. Of course, by purchasing the single or album that interests you. So it may not be exactly what you are looking for. And is that iTunes will make you pay for copyright.

However, this program represents a great advance in the fight against piracy.

The reason: it gives immediate access to music content in digital format for a small price. Without a doubt, this has had a great impact on the American recording industry.

If you’re wondering how to download free music on iPhone from iTunes , we’ll give you the answer: with the Free Song Notifier (single of the week) you can download the song that is promoted for the week for free. Take advantage of it!

Drop box: to listen to songs without internet

It’s not exactly a downloader app, but it will help you download free songs on your Apple device . How? Very easy. Drop box’s is neap to upload files to the cloud where you can share files with other users or make backup copies of your own.

If you want to download free songs to your phone from Dropbox, please do the following:

Install Dropbox on your computer or open your account from thebrowser .

If it is from your PC, a Dropbox folder will be created where you can upload the songs that you will later download to your iPhone. If it is from the web, you will do it online.

Install and open the Dropbox app on your iPhone —we leave you the link below—.

Access the files you have previously uploaded. In this case, your songs in MP3 or another format.

Download your music for free on iPhone, just like downloading photos or files.

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