Charms of the Quaint Little Town of Maysville in Mason County Kentucky

The quaint little town of Maysville is about an hour’s drive from the Lexington-Frankfort-Louisville tri-city area heading northeast. Similarly, it’s an hour’s drive southeast of Cincinnati.  

Depending on where you are coming from, in the tri-state area of Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia or anywhere else, you can use affordable but comfortable bus tours in Kentucky to reach Maysville. 

This historic little town on the river Ohio is not just a getaway for rest and relaxation but actually offers a lot more to those who are also keen on recreation and rejuvenation. 

If you are coming from further away and don’t want to splurge your budget unnecessarily by renting a car, you can still find it convenient to use the reasonable and comfortable bus services in the tri-state region. 

Whether you visit Maysville for just the weekend or for a longer weeklong stay, there are a whole lot of things to look up to. With comfortable bus trips in Kentucky, this just gets easier. 

If it’s just rest and relaxation, look up things to do or places to visit in Maysville on the internet and draw up your list as per convenience. Keep a little time aside for a little walk on the riverfront or in the downtown streets. 

The rich heritage of history, culture, and the arts 

How would you like to start your getaway or a short vacation in Maysville? It’s always good to start with the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center where you can learn about the history of the town. 

Next, you could visit another historic landmark of Maysville, the old Pogue Distillery, which is Kentucky’s oldest bourbon distillery. Aside from tasting the signature Kentucky bourbon, there’s a lot more to look forward to. 

For a small town, Maysville has a lot of history to offer. You can experience the old-world charm of theater at the Washington Opera House and Russell Theater. Use bus trips in Maysville, Kentucky to round up your tour of the town’s historic locations. 

Picturesque location on the bank of River Ohio 

One of the biggest assets of Maysville is its picture-perfect location on the bank of the river Ohio surrounded by rolling hills that offer excellent scope for nature trails, trekking, and hiking. 

The Cummins Nature Preserve is the perfect place to go out on nature and hiking trails as well as for camping among other adventure activities. Ask online or people you know “Are there any bus trips near me in Maysville for nature trails?” 

Don’t miss the oldest covered bridge in Kentucky, called the Dover Covered Bridge, which was built in 1835 over the 60 feet spread of Lee’s Creek about 12 miles away from Maysville. 

After a hard day out in the lap of Mother Nature, wind up with sumptuous and delicious Italian food at Maysville’s famous restaurant, Caproni’s on the River, which overlooks the river Ohio.

Look out for the most reliable and economical bus services to reach Maysville as well as to visit places of interest in and around the town. With Sublime Tours USA, you get the best deals for your trip to Maysville and elsewhere.


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