Cityrider Electric Scooter Review


The CITY RIDER scooter is perfect for riding in cities, as its name implies. This scooter is a great tool for short-distance travel with a weight capacity of 220 pounds and a carrying capacity of just 28 pounds. When not in use, it is also simple to transport.

The rear drum brakes’ greater stopping power makes it possible to achieve a smooth stop. The CITY RIDER’s wheels lock up instantly when the brake pedal is applied.

This scooter has a durable frame and a stylish appearance. Furthermore, due to its dimensions, both adults and children can ride this electric scooter. Using public transportation won’t be a problem for you because this scooter can be folded up to fit underneath the bus seat.

You can ride a scooter for up to 10 kilometers on one charge thanks to the battery. The 300W motor on the CITY RIDER electric scooter has a top speed of 18 mph, which is manageable for most people.

The honeycomb tires protect you from flats and soften your steps. For those who live in cities, the CITY RIDER scooter is without a doubt the best mode of transportation.

The CITY RIDER electric scooter’s front and rear LED lights increase your visibility to other drivers. To indicate your direction when changing lanes or leaving the road, this scooter also has turn signals. The scooter’s turn signals are set to automatically turn off after ten seconds as a convenience.


A 35V 7.5 Ah lithium-ion battery powers the CITY RIDER, which has a range of 7 to 10 kilometers. Despite the scooter’s weak acceleration, its 300W brushless motor propels it quickly up to 18 mph. It may take some practice before you can ride it comfortably because, by the standards of electric scooters, that speed is not slow.

Since this scooter lacks shock absorbers, riding on uneven pavement may be bumpy. Wheels made of solid honeycomb have a small amount of shock absorption. On paved city streets, riding a CITY RIDER scooter is enjoyable and comfortable. The fluidfreeride city rider has excellent speed control and offers fluid maneuvering.

Speed Overview

The CITY RIDER scooter has a top speed of 18 mph when fully charged (30 km). This speed is more than enough for the average rider, despite being slow for athletes. The scooter is primarily designed for city dwellers, so its top speed is within many city limits.

In comparison to scooters in its price range, the CITY RIDER accelerates much more quickly. On flat roads, the motor will help you reach your top speed in a matter of seconds. To compensate for the slower acceleration on steep terrain, you might need to manually boost it. Slower acceleration might also be caused by a low battery charge.

Battery Overview

Due to its lightweight, the CITY RIDER scooter’s battery life is prolonged. The battery’s total weight is 220 pounds, and its operating distance is between 7 and 10 kilometers. When compared to other scooters in the same price range, such as the Turbo X7 Pro, which has a range of 30 miles per charge, the CITY RIDER scooter’s range is less. The CITY RIDER’s small and compact design is what accounts for this distinction.

In comparison to other scooters in the same price range, such as the Turbo X7 Pro, which has a range of 30 miles per charge, the CITY RIDER scooter’s range is less. The CITY RIDER’s compact and small size is what accounts for this distinction.


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