Difference Between Business Appraisal And Valuation

Difference Between Business Appraisal And Valuation

You might think that business appraisal and business valuation are the same, but it is a common mistake that most people make. If you are a business, you will need these services in the future. So, it’s better to acquaint yourself with these terms and understand them so you can hire the right expert.

It needs expert professionals to perform both business valuation and business appraisals. Thus, you are advised to hire an experienced professional for business appraisals in Dallas.

Major Difference

Yes, the major difference between a business appraisal and business valuation is that business appraisal is for physical assets, and business valuation is for intangible assets. Though both processes include physical and intangible assets, depending on your needs, you can ask for the required service.

What Is Business Appraisal?

A business appraisal is a process of appraising an asset against set criteria. It involves assets such as machines, properties, patents, trademarks, goodwill, leases, etc. Normally, an appraisal takes place when you are ready to sell an asset. Say, if you are planning on selling a building, you can hire an appraiser and get an idea about the pricing. Thus, the appraisal is also called a pricing guide.

There are various types of business appraisals in Dallas that you might need. These appraisals differ based on the asset that is appraised and the approaches that are used.

Business Appraisal: It involves the appraisal of all business assets and liabilities, including loans and contingencies. It is a comprehensive appraisal.

Earning Capitalization: It is a method where the appraiser evaluates your earnings and assigns them weights. As a result, the recent earnings get more weight while the earlier ones get less.

Future Earning Capitalization: It is the approach where a company’s value is assessed based on its capability to earn in the future. Thus, weights are assigned to future earnings more.

What Is A Business Valuation?

A business valuation is a process of ascertaining the economic value of a company’s total assets. A business’s worth is not only measured by its physical assets but also by its intangible ones, such as goodwill. That’s why a business valuation is considered a comprehensive approach to assessing a company’s worth.

Various methods are used for getting an accurate business valuation. The choice of the methods depends on the size of the entity and the use of business valuation. Some methods are discussed below:

Cost Valuation Method: This method is very simple. All you have to do is add all assets, add all liabilities and then deduct total liabilities from total assets. However, since this method uses historical data, it is not very useful.

Income Valuation Method: This approach Is often used by investors to assess whether the company they are investing in is worth buying and whether it will earn them the desired profit.

Market Valuation Method: This approach is used to determine the market value of a company using data from other similar companies. It is only useful when reliable data is available.

Now that you understand both appraisal and valuation, it’s time to understand their major differences.

  • Business appraisal is a part of business valuation. However, since properties are a part of the companies, a business appraisal is only a part of the entire valuation process.
  • The business appraisal can also be performed for specific assets. For example, though property valuation is different, a company planning to sell a standalone asset can get business appraisals in Dallas. But it is not true about business valuation.
  • Business appraisals are not accepted as legal opinions, but investors use business valuation reports. Business valuers submit a signed report after the completion of the process, which can be used to influence investors and negotiate during a deal.

Both processes are performed with the same objective; only the underlying assets differ.

What Is Better- Valuation Or Appraisal?

These are not mutually exclusive options. The choice of the process depends on the underlying purpose. Whether doing it for investment purposes, getting seed investment, or selling an asset, your business valuers and appraisers will guide you.


The abovementioned points have briefly outlined the difference between business valuation and appraisal. Being a business owner, you must be well aware of the requirements. So, acquaint yourself with the essential terms and choose the best.

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