Differences between Android and iOS in App Development

Differences between Android and iOS in App Development

This is one of the most popular arguments of this age. People are always trying to compare android apps and iOS applications. Today we will discuss the major differences between them. Learn this with facts about these two things.

The biggest difference between Android app development company and iOS development is technical. Platforms include different programming languages, testing approaches, and more.

Programming language

The main difference between the two programming languages ​​is that less code is required to develop an iOS app using Swift, so an iOS app coding project can be completed faster than an app for Android phones.

App Development procedure

The complexity of the development process is highly dependent on the scope of features and functionality of the app. However, there are some nuances when it comes to creating mobile app development services for different operating systems that affect the development and even testing stages.

Strategic design

IOS design principles differ from Android themes in that they are designed for a limited variety of screen sizes and resolutions and are available on a small number of devices. In contrast, Android developers must tailor their design strategy to each device and screen size.

  • Screen size and resolution.

IOS devices supported by Apple have 2 screen sizes (iPhone/iPad), allowing for 3 or more resolutions on the iPhone and a handful of resolutions on the iPad. The iPhone 4 resolution is also used for the iPad.

  • Navigation:

The navigation bar on Android-powered devices is positioned on the left, while the navigation bar on iOS is moved to the top. While the Android base prefers colorful icons, iOS leaves the navigation icons blue or gray by default.

  • Menu:

While Google-supported devices prefer drawer menus or side/hamburger menus and typically place them to the left of the tap-and-pull gesture, iOS prioritizes tabs in its bar.


Despite offering a variety of mobile app marketing models, iOS app development is focused on paid apps and the majority of Google-backed apps derive their revenue from ad monetization.


Unless you first capture key demographics and build your app according to the characteristics of the user you’re trying to meet the problem or need you’re solving, you won’t be successful.

Market share

Operating systems are used in a wide variety of devices such as smartphones, PDAs, and tablets. It brings advanced functionality to mobile devices by allowing these devices to run apps and programs. Android, provided by Google, and iOS, provided by Apple, are widely used operating systems (OS) in the smartphone industry. In 2016 alone, approximately 1.5 billion mobile phones with Android or iOS-based systems were sold to end users worldwide.

Development timeline.

Considering the above facts, we can conclude that it is difficult to predict the speed and cost-effectiveness of Android and iOS app development.

Google Play Market vs. App Store

The Google Play Market and App Store interfaces are similar. Both have home pages with application lists and filters to help users navigate and find apps. The app description page has a similar layout. It has a text description, a gallery, blocks for app ratings and user reviews, and a download button that allows the user to download the application.

Pro tip for app development:
Must assure that you improve your app time to time. keep it up to date as per the updates of android or iOS software.
Accept critical or negative feedback and make it productive by improving your app.

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In short, if you want more market share, greater customization flexibility, and faster application submission to stores, choose Android. But if your focus is on increasing revenue per user, appealing to a younger audience, and following an uncomplicated development process, go with iOS.

Both iOS android app development has their own plus points. If we categorize them in a bigger picture.

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