Download free music the best websites and Internet search engines to obtain legal music

Sound Cloud is basically the YouTube of music sharing: anyone can publish their songs specifying whether the content can be downloaded or if it can only be listened to online. The site’s user community is very active and it has a sleek interface, with a helpful navigation bar at the top, and direct access to the site’s mobile apps.

Not all songs available on Sound cloud are free and copyright free, but you will be able to download free music from multiple artists.

You can browse Sound cloud by artist, genre, popularity and latest releases.

There’s also a section of the site dedicated to songs released under Creative Commons licenses , meaning you can download and remix them at your leisure.

Some of the best websites to download new mp3 free without copyright infringement are as follows

Beat Pick

Beat Pick is a portal with a wide selection of tracks to choose from for free music downloads. You can license it free of charge for the use you want to give it, in movies, television, commercials, background music for public spaces, telephone and any other multimedia use.

Ben sound

Ben sound is another page that offers to download music for free but with the need for attribution to the author who composed the music if you use it for something other than listening to it. In exchange, you have the freedom to use it in your multimedia projects, such as YouTube videos, websites or animations. But they cannot be used in audio books, podcasts, spin-off song production, or music remixes.


CcMixter is a portal where any musician can upload their productions and users can download music for free. If you use these themes in any of your videos, you must give credit to their creator. In addition, the page also has free music sections for commercial use and specific song lists for movies, commercial projects and games.

Film music

Film music is a portal that offers free music for you to use in any project. Use a free mode and a paid mode. If you opt for the option to create a free account you will not have to pay anything, but you will have to give credit to the artist to whom the track you use belongs.

Free PD

Free PD offers free music download without attribution, which you can use without restriction on any site. You can use it from YouTube or Twitch videos to shops, ads or movies if you want. The paid version of this tool allows you to download more songs.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a portal for Creative Commons licensed tracks. This means that you will only need to credit the creator of the songs you use in your projects.

Hook sounds In addition to the free version; the site has a varied menu of subscriptions for those who have intentions that go beyond personal use. But if you just want to download free music to listen to, you don’t have to shell out a dime.


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