Easy exercises to refresh while you study for the government exams 

When the worries to cover the syllabus quickly are controlling your mind then, it is really very hard to spare 30 minutes for exercise. But as you know that exercise is important for the candidates, especially for the government exams aspirants as they have the stress of making their career. Well, if you are also struggling to get time for exercise then, we have some exercise moves that you can try in the breaks after long study sessions to feel fresh and active. 

These exercise moves are easy to try and you can practice them sitting on your chair. Well, exercise gives you more benefits to you when you are relying on a healthy diet. If you are also struggling to keep your body active and healthy due to your busy schedule then, read this article. 

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Embrace the following easy exercises to refresh while you study for the government exams:

  • Stretch arms

After continuous study for hours, when you start to feel exhausted. Then recharge your energy with the help of the trick explained in this paragraph.  Just sit straight on the chair, stretch your arms to the sky, and hold this position for 10 seconds.  You have to do this at least five times and hold the position for 10 seconds. Stretching your arms to the sky and holding this position for 10 seconds can freshen up you to study effectively.

  • Shrug it 

Would you believe us if we tell you that bringing your shoulders as close as to your ears and holding this for 5 seconds can refresh you? Well, yes. Try this yourself and take note of the difference within a few seconds. This is the easiest exercise and you can do this when you aren’t interested in doing tough exercise moves. 

  • Leg planks 

Strengthen your core and activate your ab muscles and improve your good posture, better balance, and get a healthier back. Repeat the leg planks 10-20 times and hold the leg for 10 seconds at an angle of 90 degrees. You will instantly fresh when you are all engrossed in notes making. 

  • Grab your water bottle 

Who would believe that a water bottle lying on the study table can add strength to your wrists? Well, to your surprise, the water bottle lying on the study table can refresh you and make your wrist more stronger and active. Grab your water bottle and hold it in a way that it gets curved up to your shoulder as you do when you lift dumbles. Then, hold it in your arms for 10 seconds. 

  • Tai chi

A great combination of movement and relaxation provided by Chinese martial art can offer benefits to the body and mind. Tai chi which constitutes a series of graceful movements is also a meditation.  One movement transitioning smoothly into the next is beneficial for you and offers the benefit of meditation as well. But before you try this series, please go through all the instructions that you easily read on youtube along with their videos. 

  • Breathing exercise 

Your breaths can help you get your focus back to the present moment and free you from the tarp of negative thoughts within a few seconds. When the pattern of negative thoughts starts to take control over you then, do one trick to get relax. Just sit and focus on your breaths. Do this for 20 seconds and get instant relief from the pain of negative thoughts. Well, we can say God has already gifted us the easiest trick already to get relief from negative thoughts. 

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Trying the above-mentioned moves can help you freshen up your mind instantly when you feel frustrated with the continuous hours of study. You don’t need to flex your body extensively when you opt for the exercise moves mentioned above. But always remember that sleep is the best meditation and a diet full of nutrients is the best medicine. But don’t oversleep as it has its own negative impacts on your body. Keep reading this article for more information abut the upcoming  government exams.

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