Email Marketing Best Practices That Drive Results

Email marketing is a primary element of client acquisition programs for all companies. Focus on email best practices to connect with clients and grow your business by turning subscribers into sales. Below is a list of email marketing best practices to help generate more leads for your business.

Include An Email Signature

Include the signature of a specific individual to enhance brand visibility. Email signatures help maintain cohesive sign-offs and standards across all companies. The approach gives a touch of personalization and clients are more likely to read an email once they know it came from a human being rather than from a collective marketing team. The email signature you use is usually the ticket to their attention.

Personalize The Email Greeting

Consider segmenting your email recipients by the type of client (member, user, and subscriber), but it need not be the first thing recipients see in the company messages. Personalize the email greetings with your contacts’ first names to grab the reader’s attention right away and integrate a plastic postcard mailer into your campaign.

Email marketing tools enable businesses to configure email greetings to automatically send with the names of individuals on the contact list. Each recipient, therefore, receives a personal version of the same message.

Stick To Fewer Than Three Typefaces

Having less clutter in your email increases the conversions. Avoid junking up your email with more than two typefaces or fonts to allow the email to have a visual appeal and capture readers’ attention. Use web-safe fonts with 10-point and 12-point sizes to make email legible on all devices and readers.

Write Compelling But Concise Subject Lines

An excellent subject line includes 30 to 50 characters, including spaces. The approach is crucial as email providers usually cut off subject lines beyond this length. The email subject line has to create a sense of urgency while offering readers insight into what to expect when they open the email.

What About Auto-Responders For Opt-Ins?

Set up auto responders to constantly remind prospects they opted into your email database. The auto responder may be sent out one day and ten days after the person registers. Each auto responder must include additional content and bonus material that rewards the reader for opting into the newsletter.

There are various tools that a marketer may use to capture the recipient’s attention. Email marketing strategy has stood the test of time as it is a reliable tool for influencing users.

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