Famous Festivals of Rajasthan To Make Your Holiday More Enjoyble

Festivals of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a land of traditions, culture, history, and scenic views. The same can be seen in deserts and lakes, colorful markets, and magnificent forts and palaces, and equally famous are the many festival of Rajasthan. The fairs and festivals of Rajasthan attract tourists from across the world. They are celebrated with grandeur, pomp, and happiness. From vibrant colors to grand feasts, dance, music, art, and culture, one can witness the cultural side of the state in these festivals.

The festival time of Rajasthan is all about celebrating culture, heritage, nature, and life in Rajasthani style. It is a time one must experience once in their life. So when planning your Rajasthan vacation, plan your holidays and book your Rajasthan Tour Packages to attend some of the famous festivals of Rajasthan. Here are a few famous festivals of Rajasthan that you must attend-

Festival Of Rajasthan: Famous Festivals For A Memorable Holiday

1. Teej Festival

Teej is one of the famous festivals of Rajasthan, celebrated to worship Goddess Teej in July or August. During this festival, married women seek blessings of happy married life from Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is also known as the festival of swings. One can experience grandeur, traditions, culture, folk dance, and taste the delicious food of Rajasthan in Jaipur during the Teej festival.

2. Gangaur Festival

After a daily soap, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Gangaur has become quite a famous festival of Rajasthan. Another festival to worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Gangaur is a combination of Gan and Gaur, a synonym for Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Gangaur celebration takes place during March or April, in the Hindu month of Chaitra, and the festivities last for approximately ten days. Further, married women make clay idols, get dressed, fast, and worship Goddess Parvati for happy and marital life.

3. Kite Festival

It is one of the vibrant festivals where you can witness colors in the sky flying high. It is celebrated around the Hindu festival Makar Sankranti on the 14th or 15th January every year. Locals celebrate it with flying kites of vibrant hues and various shapes. You might witness kites of sizes you never imagined. Kite War, illuminated kites, fireworks, and local delicacies such as til-Patti and ghevar is the highlight of the festival. To get the best of the Kite festival, visit Jodhpur or Jaipur.

4. Summer Festival and Winter Festival, Mount Abu

The summer and winter festivals of Rajasthan are something you must not miss. Celebrated in Mount Abu, the summer festival begins on Buddha Purnima and lasts three days. The festival is to rejoice in the spirit of Rajasthan, and one can witness the folk and traditional culture of the state. Horse racing, tug of war, live band shows, boating in Nakki lake, skating races, and more to enjoy during the summer festival.

The Winter Festival is as fun as the summer festival. Artisans and artists from across Rajasthan bring a variety of handicrafts, art, food, and much more to one place. It is one of the famous fairs and festivals of Rajasthan.

5. Camel Festival, Bikaner

The one thing that crosses our mind when we hear Rajasthan is a camel, then why not attend the camel festival of Rajasthan? Hosted in the city of Bikaner, also known as the camel capital of India this festival of Rajasthan attracts tourists globally. Further, during the festival, folk artists, musicians, and other traditional Rajasthani performers come here to showcase their talent and introduce you to the culture of Rajasthan. You can see camel showing off their skills like aerobics, dancing, and footwork.

6. Desert Festival, Jaisalmer

Everything is exotic and unique about this famous festival of Rajasthan. Celebrated in February, Desert Festival displays the vibrant hues of Jaisalmer and is all about celebrating the culture of Rajasthan. Despite of scorching sun and sun-burnt sand of Jaisalmer, the people of Jaisalmer celebrate this festival with spirit. It is a three-day event that was started for tourists. BSF forces also participate in this festival and showcase their skills on camel’s back. Further, the major attraction of this important festival of Rajasthan is the camel polo.

7. Rajasthan International Folk Festival

This festival of Rajasthan is to celebrate the musical heritage of Rajasthan in October. As you step into this fair and festival of Rajasthan, you will know why one must visit it once in a lifetime. Further, you can see artists and performers exhibit the musical and cultural lifestyles of the state. Additionally, the festival hosts more than 300 artists displaying incredible Indian and western music fusion.


The list of festivals in Rajasthan is long. They were just a few! Plan your Rajasthan vacation near October to attend Rajasthan International Folk Festival. Also, get the best Rajasthan holiday packages at AirlinesMap that are budget-friendly and customizable to offer the best deals.

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