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Custom Frozen Pizza Boxes:

No one can deny the importance of junk food and that too of pizza in people’s lives of any age, occupation or societal class. This Italian food has left everyone mesmerized by its terrific taste which makes everyone crave it even more. Moreover, people are too busy to cook anything.

This craving and lack of time for cooking brings in the demand for frozen pizza-manufacturing industries. The need for a proper durable material, a presentable look, and a suitable shape according to the need of the products is very crucial. Thus, comes the role of Custom Frozen Pizza Boxes.

Important Factors to Check in Custom Frozen Pizza Boxes

Choosing packaging boxes is never an easy task to do. Below are the five most important factors to look for inside any custom boxes;

  1. Box Material:

Frozen pizza industries need to transport these edibles to different parts of the world and with that comes the challenges of special care in the packaging of pizzas. Choosing the best and most suitable material for your packaging boxes is very significant and the most basic choice to make, upon the foundation of which every other detail will depend.

Our team of Packaging Xpert is here to help you with that wholeheartedly. We provide different types of packaging materials like cardstock, Kraft, E-flute corrugated etc. We use the paper stock type and thickness which is always changeable according to the customizations of the clients. The durability and quality of the box material are always taken care of by default.

  1. Appearance:

The looks of the packaging are the brand ambassador you need to respect and value as it is the first thing anyone can see and think about your product. This is the thing by which you have to convince the consumer with mesmerizing details of your packaging for your product to make it to your customer’s cart.

We have amazing graphic designers and stylists on board with us who are always available to provide you with their experienced services according to your taste and even if you are confused about your needs, then still there is no reason to worry because our team will help you through it. This part of the process is very specific to the most creative and thoughtful members of our team.

We provide different colour and printing schemes such as CMYK and PMS Etc. No doubt the colours and printing designs are important but the desirable uniqueness and grace can be brought by the add-ons that we provide. We give a variety of options to our clients including spot UV, gold and silver foilings, embossing and debossing. We provide different types of coatings too such as matte, gloss, soft touch etc.

  1. Size:

The choice of the sizes of the packaging boxes is completely in the hands of the clients. The sizes of the boxes have to be quite meticulously decided as the boxes have to travel around the world and no customer would want to buy a product in a soggy and irregularly shaped package. The boxes have to fit according to the size of the manufactured frozen food but also should have enough room in them to avoid the disturbance of the layer of toppings.

  1. UV Layer:

For specialized food packaging, it is necessary to make sure the food remains in its best form till it reaches the consumer’s end because at the end of the day quality is the only thing everyone is looking for in everything.

To make sure that the product does not spoil we add a special UV coat on the packaging box to make sure it can bear the different temperature variations on its way to the consumer. Our latest techniques make sure

  1. Box Design:

Box design has a lot of influence on the sales of a product. For example, a window pane in the packaging can give a sneak peek of the product to the customer while remaining on the shelf. It is here that we show our creativity to make sure your product looks beat and outshines the other products in a retail store. You can customize your package according to your desire and needs and our professionals will also help you throughout everything.

Why Should You Choose Packaging Xpert?

We always are aware of the importance of each step of the packaging process for our clients that’s why we double-check and test-check our products at every step of manufacture to show our clients the sincerity they deserve. We never bound our customers around a specific limit of orders of packages as we respect all types and sizes of businesses equally. So, we welcome any small or large business to let us offer our services to them and be their partners on their journey. We provide our services in the most affordable and reasonable amounts but this does not mean in any way that we compromise on any of the factors of a good packaging product. We guarantee you that you will receive nothing but higher sales and better reviews about your frozen pizza boxes. Also, we provide your orders on your doorstep in all states of the US and we also ship orders in other countries too in the most affordable amounts. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and order right away!

For more information or any queries, you can contact us now on our email or phone number.

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