Football Sports News Updates in Vietnam

If you’re a fan of football in Vietnam, you can get the latest news by following some of the country’s leading football sports news websites. These websites cover various sports, including football and basketball, and feature videos, live reporting, articles, and highlights of football matches around the world. In addition to news of world-class football matches, these sites also cover news about Vietnamese football. For example, this website offers the latest news on the Vietnam national team, which is currently led by South Korean coach Park Hang-seo. This coach is considered one of the most successful in Vietnam’s history and has won several major international tournaments. This year, Vietnam will be competing in the SEA Games, and this website will have the latest updates about the national team’s preparation.

Thanh Nien football

Thanh Nien Football Sports News focuses on the most important football events taking place in Vietnam. First published in the early twentieth century, this football sports journal has been a hub of intellectual activity in Vietnam. At present, the Thanh Nien Newspaper is hosting an international U21 football tournament. The tournament is being trò chơi săn mồi held at the Thong Nhat Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City and will feature three teams in each group. The first match between Vietnam and Singapore will end in a penalty shootout.

Thanh Nien Newspaper began publication in the early 20th century and has over two million readers today. In addition to covering a number of local sports teams, the newspaper also covers current issues in Vietnam and other regions. In addition to football, the newspaper covers other sports as well. Online, Thanh Nien offers football sports news updates and other news.

YouSport 790

YouSport 790 is a popular news website in Vietnam that offers live scores, articles and videos about the latest soccer games. The website also features predictions games and a calendar of upcoming events. Vietnamese football fans will be interested in YouSport 790’s coverage of the national team, which is led by South Korean coach Park Hang-seo. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful coaches in Vietnam’s history and has won several major tournaments.

YouSport 790 is the most popular website for football sports news in Vietnam. It features articles, video content, and live reporting on football and other popular sports. The website also offers a sports calendar and video blogs. Another popular website in Vietnam that provides sports news is YeuTheThao, which focuses on football news, but also offers information on other popular sports in Vietnam. You can also take part in online sports prediction games and bet on your favorite team to win.


One of the leading sports websites in Vietnam is Xemthethao790, which publishes articles and video content pertaining to the latest news and events in Vietnamese football, volleyball, cricket, rugby, and other sports. Its growing readership makes it one of the leading sources for local sports trò chơi săn mồi enthusiasts and professionals. The website has a comprehensive calendar of upcoming events and features articles written by vetted professionals. The website also features live scores, video content, and information about the local leagues.

The website covers many sports, including football, as well as e-sports, volleyball, and rugby. You can also find news and video on upcoming Viet Nam Asian Cups, as well as Vietnamese soccer leagues.

Thao 247

One of the leading Vietnamese online sports news websites, Thao 247 is a great resource for the latest football news and updates. Besides football, the site also features updates on other sports, such as tennis and e-sports. It also features live reporting, prediction games, and more. The website caters to all levels of football fans in Vietnam, and it even features news about the upcoming Vietnam Asian Cup.

Another website that offers Vietnamese sports news and updates is Xemthethao789, a sports media site that covers a variety of sports, including tennis and football. The website also features live reporting and highlights of various football matches throughout the world. Despite being mainly aimed at football fans, the website also covers other sports, such as basketball. The site also features information about local leagues, upcoming events, and videos of popular athletes.

Tuoi Tre News

Vietnamese football fans can enjoy expert commentary, live scores, and video content on famous online football websites. These sites also offer a comprehensive calendar of international football events. They offer a wide range of information, from league information to betting games. In addition to providing news, they also provide live streaming of matches and are available 24 hours a day.

EightX offers the latest football news in Vietnam, including articles, video, and live reporting of the nation’s national football team. Other features include a prediction game and a calendar of upcoming games. EightX also has a vibrant community of sports enthusiasts, making it a valuable resource for those interested in the sport.

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