Freshdesk Project Management Vs Box Project Management: Choose the Best One!

Project management is an integral part of every organization. The success and the failure of every company is dependent on this. Thereby, a lot of project management tools have gained popularity to help organizations for this purpose. So, how do you decide which tool should you buy? This article provides a comparison of Freshdesk Project Management vs Box Project Management software to help decide which one is better. 

What is Freshdesk? 

Freshdesk is a project management tool and a top solution for customer care. Freshdesk project management software provides various features including ticketing, live chat, a Help Center, and reporting. With this program, you can keep track of client issues and handle customer interactions.  

The Freshdesk project management solution provides organizations with all the tools they need to provide excellent customer care. This includes Freshdesk time tracking functionalities, omnichannel capabilities, automatic ticket routing, detailed reporting, self-service choices, SLA management, and much more.  

Key Features of Freshdesk  

Customer Self-Service 

Enable effective customer self-service by automating suggestion pop-ups, adding articles to the knowledge base, and turning urgent community problems into tickets that can be resolved. 

Identity and Access Management 

Use IP whitelisting and a VPN to allow or deny agents and customers to access their accounts using a single sign-on script from any location. 


Automating the process of notifying agents and clients of any updates to their tickets Implement maintenance tasks and ticket actions automatically based on the amount of time that has passed since an event. 

Freshdesk Demo 

The software provides a demo for some of its solutions and not all. Freshdesk offers four products and solutions to its customers. However, it only gives the option of a demo for the following ones: 

  • Omnichannel Suite 
  • Customer Success 

Therefore, the only way users can get an insight into the application features is by utilizing the 21-day free trial offered by the software for all of its products.   

Freshdesk Costs 

The Freshdesk pricing plans vary according to the products being used by the customers. There are four products offered by the company and each one has its package. Moreover, each package has its fixed prices and features. Head over to their website to get details about the pricing plans. The following are the four solutions: 

  • Support Desk 
  • Contact Center 
  • Omnichannel Suite 
  • Customer Success 

Freshdesk Review 

The Freshdesk reviews are highly positive with an 89% user satisfaction rating on a credible software review site. Moreover, it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on GetApp and 4.3 on TrustRadius.   

What is Box?  

A lot of businesses utilize Box project management software because of its ease of use and potent features.  The software offers you a solitary, safe platform for controlling the whole lifespan of your content. Additionally, the software allows you to discuss anything.  This includes the creation and sharing of files, co-editing, signatures, classification, and retention. Moreover, the Box Content Cloud is there to assist you at every stage.  

Key Features of Box Software  

Automating Workflow  

Manual processes take a lot of time, wasting hours per day. This feature thereby enables anyone to automate the recurring processes that are essential to your organization. This includes contract administration and HR onboarding. Moreover, the application allows you to concentrate on what matters.   


The Content Cloud provides users access to a single, secure platform. It does not matter where ever your material is created, accessed, shared, or preserved. Moreover, the teams may operate as they see fit without compromising security or manageability. This is possible because the application provides more than 1,500 seamless connectors.  


Many individuals must work together for your business to succeed. This includes teams, customers, partners, and vendors. This feature allows everyone to collaborate on their most essential content in one location. Thus, you can rest easy knowing that everything is secure.  

Box Demo  

You can access the demo of the software on its official website. There are numerous demo videos available on the website for each service and solution. It enables viewers to decide whether the application is worth spending money on.   

Box Cost  

There are four Box pricing strategies offered by the company. The following are the packages:  

  1. Business  

The pricing quotation for this package is $15 per user a month. However, you need a minimum of 3 users to utilize the package. It offers various features including:  

  • Data loss protection  
  • Box Relay – standard workflow automation  
  • Technical support during local business hours  
  • Organization-wide collaboration  
  1. Business Plus  

The cost of this package is $25 per user a month and it requires a minimum of 3 users. This package is optimal for businesses that desire to manage content. It includes the following features:  

  • Unlimited external collaborators  
  • 1500+ integrations  
  • Advanced search filters  
  • Custom metadata and metadata templates  
  1. Enterprise  

The plan costs $35 a user monthly and requires a minimum of 3 users. It offers advanced content management and data protection capabilities to the users. The plan includes the following features:  

  • Box relay – advanced workflow automation  
  • Password policy enforcement  
  • Document watermarking  
  • HIPAA/FedRAMP compliance  
  1. Enterprise Plus  

The software does not provide a pricing quotation for this package. However, you can still learn about the cost of this package by contacting their sales team. Besides, it includes the following features to name:  

  • Box Zones  
  • Box GsP  
  • Enhanced services  
  • Box Canvas  

Box Software Reviews  

The software has an excellent user satisfaction rating on several reliable software review websites. It has a rating of 4.36 out of 5 stars on SoftwareAdvice and 4.4 on Capterra. The following are the top-performing reasons for such favorable user responses:  

  • User-friendliness  
  • Affordability  
  • Features  


Both software is a high priority choices for the users as per their responses. Both are highly competitive and excellent project management tools. Thereby, it is extremely challenging to say which one overshines the other. This is because both applications offer more or less the same features. Thus, what matters is the way those features are represented to the users and how they cater to the customers’ requirements. Therefore, you need to analyze your needs and finances to know which software will work best for you. 

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