Have Questions about Luxury Car Rentals? We have Important Ones Covered!

Are you looking for an exotic car rental in Miami for that perfect day out? An online search will put through quite a few options to choose from. However, not every rental service is created equal. While some would fleece you for substandard services, others will tread the extra mile for ensuring complete customer delight. The best way to ensure suitable choices is by referring to customer testimonials and references. 


Your choice should also depend on your specific preferences, likes, and requirements. For instance, you may wish to rent a Corvette C8 in Miami, instead of a regular Limousine. You need a service provider with an illustrious fleet to boast of for fulfilling your requirement in such a case. Besides, there could be other conditions to be fulfilled. We look at some of the common questions to ask, while you select your service provider.


Queries for your Service Provider


Are the vehicles automatic or with manual transmissions? 


Most of the latest high-end vehicles will have automatic transmissions. Many will also have paddle shifters, making it extremely simple to operate. If you have doubts, most service providers will be happy to help you with a tutorial. Just make sure you ask. A sales representative will be happy to help. 


Can I Drive Anywhere?


You may have opted for an exotic car rental in Cape Coral, FL owing to its proximity to your place of stay. It is important to learn that there will be state limits unless prior approval is sought for taking the vehicle outside the state. If you wish to drive interstate, you need to process approval before taking the handover of your vehicle.  Driving anywhere within the limits of your state is never a problem with most rental services.


Can More than One Person Drive?


Well, if you plan to share and drive, this is a very relevant question to ask. Most service providers near you with allow multiple hands at driving. However, one has to be over 21 years of age and must possess a valid driving license for being permitted. Complete insurance coverage is required too. Most service providers will allow the liberty of purchasing insurance either from them or elsewhere. The choice resides with you. 


What if I Get a Ticket while Driving your Vehicle?


The rental service does not take any responsibility for violations that may happen while driving the vehicle. As a driver, the renter needs to assume complete responsibility for any legal violations as long as the vehicle is in his custody. So in case you get a ticket, you will need to take care of it. Additionally, all fees, towing charges, penalties, and impounding costs will be your responsibility. 


If you are seeking an “exotic car rental near me” and are below 21 years of age, is there a way out? Well, self-drive cars will not be given to you if you do not fulfill the age criterion. However, you can always opt for a vehicle with a driver and enjoy the luxuries of a great ride without having to worry about driving at all. Make sure you check on the credentials of the chauffeur beforehand for a great experience. 

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