How App Development Can Help Small And Medium Sized Businesses

It is no secret that entertainment applications increase loyalty and allow consumers to transmit the company’s values ​​while they are entertained and have a good time. That is why the development of apps for companies and their clients is so important.

For many SMEs it is essential that their customers know the culture of the company and its benefits. This is an objective that is achieved with a very simple and effective method, video games. And it is that the applications allow the users who download them to learn more about the processes of the companies and their operation.

In this way, the company gets many potential clients and users can be closer to the companies that surround them. Thanks to the games, many companies achieve that a very important part of the consumers of their applications know how to answer about the firm or

But, what is the objective of this type of app development?

The goal in the end is none other than to retain a customer. An audience that is no longer attracted to the merchandising of pens and caps. A user who uses his mobile device for 90% of his daily tasks.

“It’s about incorporating the brand into the consumer’s lifestyle. He may not know how to handle a video game console, but he is going to get hooked on a trivia game on the phone about the geographical origin of the different chocolates from his favorite brand,”says Core Mobile Apps, an expert in communication and advertising.

The secret is in the Gamification

This is a style of app development that many companies are demanding. The set of tools known as Gamification is interesting for an SME due to the use of game mechanics to give visibility to your product or business.

However, before embarking on this adventure, certain very important factors must be taken into account when ordering the development of apps of this style.

The type of business you have

It is very important that the business you have does not have an app of this style because it is very fashionable and you want it to have one at any price. The services sector is a potential nucleus, since it adapts to this type of tools.

However, in more serious businesses, with a more sober and traditional touch, you have to be very careful since these types of apps don’t always work.

“It is not the same to make a game for a restaurant as it is for a law firm, although if the latter have a good idea, it can fit. The key is in the creativity of the company and, therefore, of the product that is developed”, clarify our experts.

A clear example can be the store under your house. This may have the idea of ​​a scavenger hunt role-playing game in which the customer has to search through the store’s shelves to find the product prize. However, this can cost the store a lot of money and they can’t afford it.

The public to which the application is directed

A company has to study the market it wants to address, the users who have to enjoy the application.

“The audiovisual narrative, graphics and aesthetics vary depending on whether the app is aimed at children or adults,” our mobile developers and designers comment. The youngest members of the household are more attracted to drawings and simple games, so it would be interesting to incorporate a differentiating pet or hero.

In addition, the company can take advantage of its products to reinforce the knowledge of younger customers. In this way it is possible for a couple to choose that place where their son learns and has fun with geography.

With adults it is easier, since you can relate your services with leisure for your clients. This will make the app user relax and the company values ​​sink in deeper.

The application model you are looking for

It is difficult to establish a concrete pattern for the success of the application. This particularity can be reflected in any aspect, from usability to aesthetics that it has for the user and that way they opt for your application.

The interest that the user has towards your application

For success in this aspect, the player’s attention must be aroused so that he does not get bored and leave the application earlier than expected. This is achieved by setting challenges that offer real rewards.

In summary, before embarking on the development of apps, we must know well what market we have to focus on and how we are going to do it. If you have a good idea, and you think it will boost the company and benefit the users who use the application, do not hesitate to contact us.

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