How Can I Contact Customer Service For an Rbl Credit Card?

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Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL) is one of India’s most well-known commercial banks. The bank, which has its roots in the pre-independence era, has a solid network of 268 bank branches, 213 shops, and 382 ATMs. RBL Bank has a substantial client base of about 5.33 million people across India.

Customer Service For Rbl Bank Credit Cards

RBL Bank now offers the following six verticals:

  • Banking for Corporations and Institutions
  • Banking for Business
  • Branch and Commercial Banking
  • Agriculture Business Banking
  • Financial Inclusion and Development Banking
  • Operations in the Treasury and Financial Markets

Relationship with Customers

RBL Bank places great importance on customer relationships and provides several channels for quick and open communication with its clients. You may easily share your experience, recommendations, concerns, criticism, and views on the official RBL website.

You May Contact Rbl Bank Directly Online Using The Options Provided Below:


Rbl Bank Credit Card Customer Service Numbers:

Call the RBL Credit Card Toll Free number for one-on-one engagement with a customer service professional about your RBL credit card:

List of Toll-Free Numbers for RBL Bank 

Banking Concerns

  • RBL Bank Customer Service Phone Numbers: +91 22 61156300 to 99 1800 123 8040 (Toll-Free)

Credit Card Concerns

  • RBL Bank Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number: 022 6232 7777; 1800 121 9050 (Toll-Free)
  • RBL SuperCard Customer Service: 022 711 90 900
  • Vigilance & Fraud Fraud & Vigilance Report: +91 22 61156300 to 99

RBL Bank Customer Service Email Address:

A telephone chat may not necessarily result in a resolution to your concern. You would need the email contact information for a step-by-step resolution of your query. Email address for customer service for RBL banking and credit card clients

RBL Customer Service Email Addresses:


Include your inquiry specifics and your customer ID/account number or credit card number in your email message. The RBL bank guarantees a prompt answer within a week.

Contact Information for RBL Bank on Social Media

In this day and age, social media plays an important part in establishing a brand’s reputation. Companies utilize social media channels to engage with customers. Social media allows firms to reach out to customers more effectively.

RBL’s Social Media Presence

  • RBL’s Facebook page:
  • RBL’s Twitter handle:
  • Linkedin:

You can express your concerns through these channels and anticipate a prompt response.

RBL Credit Card Complaint Resolution Process in Steps

RBL Credit Card Complaint Resolution Process in Steps

Step 1: Make your first contact with the bank using an online form, customer service call, email, or postal mail.

The contact form is available at

Call RBL’s dedicated customer support line at 1800 121 9050. It is a toll-free line available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can send your complaint to

Alternatively, you can send your communication through courier or rapid post.

To establish written correspondence, use the following address:

  • RBL Bank Limited Cards Operating Centre – COC, JMD Megapolis, Unit No 306-311 – 3rd Floor, Manager – Credit Cards Service
  • 122018 Sohna Road, 
  • Haryana 122018

The bank guarantees a response within ten business days. Please provide your full name, account information, and contact information.

Step 2: If you are unsatisfied with the first-level answer, you can escalate your issues to the Head Of Credit Cards Service.

Here is The Contact Information:

Cards Services – Head, RBL Bank Ltd.

COC stands for Cards Operating Centre.

  • Megapolis, JMD
  • Unit 306-311, 3rd Floor
  • Sohna Rd.
  • Gurgaon, Sector 48
  • 12/2018 Haryana

Alternatively, you may send an email to

The message clearly states the complaint reference number and your account information.

Step 3: You must wait four working days after calling the Cards Services Head. If you do not obtain an acceptable response, please contact the RBL Nodal Officer.

Contact Information For The Rbl Nodal Officer:

  • RBL Bank Limited Cards Operating Centre – COC,
  • JMD Megapolis, 
  • Unit No 306-311 – 3rd Floor Sohna Road,
  •  Sector 48, Gurgaon, 
  • Haryana 122018,

Email address for RBL Nodal Officers:

0124 – 6102221 is the phone number to call.

The nodal official will recognize your complaint and promise that your problem will be resolved within ten working days. 


Credit Card holders of RBL Bank can contact the bank’s customer service department with any questions or concerns for Credit card help. You may contact the bank by dialing the number or sending an email. The RBL Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number is shown above.

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