How to book Umrah?

How to book Umrah

Everyone is willing to get mercy of God in this world and in next immortal life to get Jannah. Only God can bless Jannah to human by his mercy. Every man in this regard do acts that God likes, so that he becomes man that God loves.

Umrah is a holy Act in Islam. Every Muslim deeply desires to perform Umrah. Umrah is the visit of Kaaba. Kaaba is sacred house of God, Allah. Just a visit to Makkah for performing Umrah is more than millions by worth for a Muslim. Everyone can perform Umrah anytime. A Muslim can perform more than once in life. The main purpose of Umrah is to clean all sins of soul that are due to evil acts in past life.

But problem of most of people is financial condition. Most of Muslims in developed countries like America, UK, and Germany can afford expenses of Umrah package. But people of Developing countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh faces difficulties. These people looks for cheap umrah travel agency packages. So, government should provide cheap Umrah packages.

How long Umrah is?

Every package is managed by guarding hospitality and comfort of pilgrim. The shortest package designed for Umrah is of Seven (7) days. Maximum package for Umrah is thirty (30) days long.

What is Umrah permit?

Umrah is electronic document issued by Nusuk app to pilgrims. This document enables holders to enter the great mosque and to perform Umrah.

Who needs Umrah permit?

Everyone looking for Umrah must need to apply Umrah permit. The citizens of Saudi Arabia are not exempted by Umrah permit. They must need Umrah permit to perform Umrah

How to book Umrah?

You can book for Umrah by following way.

  • First, you have to apply for tickets of Saudia ticket.
  • Then, apply for Umrah permit to perform Umrah.
  • The eligibility of applicant is conducted by ministry of Hajj and Umrah.
  • You must have to give save number to Eatmarna app that must be in your use. The given number never switch off.
  • After approving Umrah permit, you will be awarded by a number by Eatmarna app.
  • An SMS will send to you containing all details of Umrah permit.

You can apply all these on Eatmarna app which is national app. Every applicant can apply on this app online.


Everyone can book Umrah by Eatmarna app.

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