How To Check If You Are Buying The Original Brand Clothes?

How To Check If You Are Buying The Original Brand Clothes?

Some people sell fake clothes at cheaper rates. Counterfeits copy-paste the design of the outfit and put the brand name on it. It is very important to identify fake brands while doing online shopping. If you want to stay away from fake designer clothes, then here are some of the ways in which you can tell the difference between fake and real designer products. Some of them are given below:


One of the most important ways to spot a fake brand is by looking at the logo design. Logos on designer brands look perfect. If someone uses the logo of a real brand, then details will be missing from the logo design. Most of the fake items don’t even have a logo. They use multiple techniques to trick the buyers, such as using the color and shape of the product. Some real brands have metal logos and some stamp their logos onto the products.


We can check the authenticity of the product by checking the buttons on the product. Real brands will have company name engraved on the buttons. Fake sellers use cheap plastic that is unlabeled.


Fake sellers sold the product at very cheap rates. If the price difference is too big as compared to the original product, then it is a sign of a fake product. Checking the authenticity of the website is also very important while ordering online. Sapphire UK has an online store as well.  People used to prefer Sapphire UK because of the authenticity of the brand.


The quality of the products matters a lot. Clothes by real designer brands are made up of fabric of good quality. The clothes of real brands are really comfortable. Fake fabric is not soft and will have wide seams on it.


Real designer clothing brands package their products in a remarkable way. Their products have branded labels, some accessories, and shipping boxes engraved with trademarks. High quality brands spend millions on their packaging. The packaging of the products of fake brands is not worthy. Their quality of packaging is not good.


If the product’s stitching is neat, then it is a sign of a real clothing brand product. Real clothes have more stitches. The Stitching of the fake clothes is very less and they don’t look neat and clean. The Stitching of the sapphire UK is very neat and clean.


Fastening on the real brand of clothes should be heavy. Fastening on the fake outfit tends to be glossy and lightweight. It will chip or peel after excessive use.


One of the most common signs of a fake brand is the incorrect spelling of the brand name. The spelling of the real clothing brands is always correct.

If you are looking for an online clothing store with real products, then House of Faiza is the best among all. They sell clothes of real and famous designers. House of Faiza is an authentic website. You can trust them blindly.

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