How to choose a lipstick

How to choose a lipstick

There are too many types and colors of lipsticks to count. The exhibits on the counter are even more dazzling, and I don’t know what to choose. This article will show you how to choose the best lipstick for your skin tone, outfit and occasion.


Choose by skin tone.
Cool skin is more suitable for cool-toned lipsticks, such as: bean paste color, dark red, plum color.
Warm skin is more suitable for warm-toned lipsticks, such as: orange, brown…

Choose by makeup.

Different makeup looks are matched with different Philippine lipsticks. Light makeup should be painted with light lipstick, and heavy makeup can also be matched with positive red lipstick. This choice should make the overall makeup and lipstick look better without being obtrusive.

Choose by season.

You can choose warm colors such as orange and rose red in spring, light pink in summer, bright orange in autumn, and dark colors in winter.

Choose according to the occasion.

When going out or outdoors, choose a vibrant lipstick color; choose a stable color for a banquet; choose a bright color with pearl or glitter for a dance or a carnival party.

How to buy lipstick

Maybe I’m not the one who knows makeup best, but I don’t think I’m less fond of lipsticks than you are. Lipstick has a magic power that can instantly lift your spirits. Once you put on lipstick, the whole person’s feeling will change dramatically. If you don’t like wearing lipstick, I think you have not discovered the beauty that lipstick brings to you. When you see this sharing, I hope you can try wearing lipstick without makeup. Maybe you are better at buying lipsticks than I am. Even so, I will share some of my experiences and brief introductions here. I hope we can resonate, and I hope my sharing can help you who have also bought lipsticks. You can also view at boots discount code NHS


  1. I think the choice of lipstick depends on whether the lipstick is matte. Matte lipsticks are not suitable for people with dry mouth. If you don’t apply lip balm before applying this lipstick, your mouth will be very dry. People will feel very uncomfortable.
  2. I think that when choosing a lipstick, it depends on the color of the lipstick. The color number of each lipstick is different. I think it is suitable for brighter colors for those with fair skin, and I think it is suitable for those with slightly darker skin. Retro colors will look particularly temperamental.
  3. I think the choice of lipstick depends on the occasion. Choosing different lipsticks on different occasions will bring people different experiences. For example, if you are attending a class reunion, choose a slightly lighter color and a milder color. If you are participating in a company The party can choose the color a little red.
  4. I think the choice of lipstick depends on your hair color. According to your hair color, choose the right lipstick color for you. For the specific color number, you can consult the clerk.
  5. I think the choice of lipstick depends on the age. Friends who are still studying do not recommend choosing too bright red ones. Older people can choose relatively red ones to enhance their temperament.
  6. I think it is best not to choose lip glaze when choosing a lipstick. Lip glaze will dry very fast, and it will fall off easily. It is particularly inconvenient to play outside.
  7. I think it is best to choose a well-known lipstick. If the economic conditions are good, students do not recommend buying expensive ones. Don’t have a comparison mentality since childhood, just choose the one that suits you.

How to apply lipstick 

  • Lipsticks are not rejected by girls. Some girls like elegant lipstick colors, and some girls like big red lips. However, have you ever thought that liking may not be suitable for you. Lipstick can instantly improve your complexion, but we have to eat and drink water, so the question is, how can we not let the lip makeup fade. The lipstick must choose the color that suits you, the lipstick that does not take off makeup so much, let you have a beautiful day. You can also visit at allbeauty discount code NHS


  • The choice of lipstick color is based on your skin. Most of us Asians have yellow skin, and a few people have very fair skin. Girls with yellow skin can choose lipsticks that are more orange, not only can they become white, but their complexion will also become very good. If the skin color is dark and yellow, it is better to use coral color than orange red . Yellowish skin must  reject purple lipstick , it will look very abrupt.
  • Girls with very fair skin are suitable for lipsticks of all colors, such as red, orange, nude, purple lipstick. Dark skin is suitable for bright red , and dark -skinned girls must use lipsticks that match their skin tone, such as rust red, coral color, bean paste color, and orange color are all white. Reject light pink, fuchsia, nude lipsticks
  • Lipstick that does not fade is the key. I love sheer lip makeup, like jelly. So first of all, make the lips very moist and not dry. Also exfoliate your lips regularly. (Or apply a mixture of yogurt and sugar to your lips, cover with plastic wrap, and wash off after five minutes, your lips will be very pink).Apply a moisturizing lip balm, use a tissue to sip off the gloss of the lip balm (the lipstick will not take off the makeup)
  • Pat the foundation or concealer on the lips, it is good to be hazy, don’t cover the lip color completely (this is not easy to take off the makeup and better show the fullness of the lipstick color.) Use the concealer to outline the lips around the lips , It can avoid the lipstick drawing out of bounds, and it can also make the lip shape clearer. Then use a lip liner to outline the lips again
  •  After applying the lipstick, cover the lips covered with lipstick with a tissue paper, and swipe a thin layer of powder on the tissue paper . Matte effect, and then apply a little lipstick to enhance the brightness. Buyers can also check at look fantastic discount code NHS
  • If you want different lip colors, you can use the mix and match method, that is, apply layer by layer. Deep and shallow. There is also a way of reconciling, that is, dark lipsticks do not match your skin tone, but when you like them, you can mix them with light lipsticks to form an ideal shape.


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