How to choose a women’s bracelet

How to choose a women's bracelet

Exquisite bracelets are worn on the wrist and display very beautifully, whether it is a young aunt or a fashionable mom who likes to wear a bracelet!

So how to choose a bracelet? The editor summarizes a few points, especially for those who don’t know how to choose a bracelet for their girlfriends, it is more helpful! You can also view pretty little thing NHS discount code.

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  • look at age If it is a gift, you should pay attention to the age of the other party. If you are over 40 years old, you should choose a more stable gift, such as garnet or golden nanum bracelets. Under the age of 20, it is easy to decorate, such as some small chains!
  • see material There are many kinds of materials for bracelets, such as gold and silver alloy ropes! There are other common materials, not listed! Gold material is more expensive and is generally given to elders and wives Silver material, with detoxification function, generally for girlfriends or for elders (elders need bracelets)
  • Most of the alloys are more decorative and suitable for young girls. The cord can be given to young girls and small children!
  • see color The color of the bracelet is made of metal, mostly rose gold and silver For fair skin, rose gold is more suitable. The skin is yellow or black, silver is more suitable!
  •  Look at the thickness of the wrist Wrist is too thin, suitable for some narrow bracelets. The wrist is soft and thick, suitable for a thicker bracelet!
  • see style Bracelets now have a variety of styles, styles are best to choose according to age Over 40 years old, you can choose some dark line 20-40 years old, choose some rectangular styles!  Under 25, some four-leaf clovers, or animal shapes and more! 
  • see function Some bracelets are made into Pixiu transfer beads, which have functions such as warding off evil spirits and ensuring safety! There are also some, like jade, or silver chains, which specifically support people detoxify and health care! Choose what functions you need!

Which crystal bracelet is good, how to buy a crystal bracelet

Crystal bracelet is an accessory that every girl really wants to own. It is beautiful and fashionable, and it is very elegant to wear on the body. The crystal bracelet is very transparent and very dazzling under the sun. If you want to choose a beautiful crystal bracelet, you need to Learn how to choose, what to look out for in the selection process, and after understanding these, a beautiful and delicate crystal bracelet is yours. You can also check at new look discount code nhs

How to buy a crystal bracelet

Look at the selection of materials: high-quality crystal bracelets must be processed by sophisticated crystal products, and there should be no star-like, cloud-like and floc-like distribution of gas-liquid inclusions; the texture is pure, smooth, and crystal clear. Fractures and spots of different shades belong to defective products.

Look at workmanship: The processing process of crystal products is divided into two types, namely grinding and engraving. Such as crystal necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. belong to abrasives; Avalokitesvara, painted snuff bottles, etc. belong to carvings. A well-crafted crystal product should be carefully considered, not only to fully display the external beauty of the crystal product (shape, style, symmetry, etc.), but also to maximize its internal beauty (crystal, smart color). 

Look at polishing: The quality of polishing directly affects the value of crystal products. The crystal must be polished by diamond sand during the processing. Rough production will cause friction marks on the surface of the crystal. A good crystal bracelet has better natural transparency and luster, and no scratches can be seen. You can also visit at h&m discount code nhs

Look at the eyelets: For crystal products (such as necklaces, bracelets, beads), it is necessary to see whether the eyelets are straight, the thickness of the holes is uniform, and whether there are small cracks. The whole wall must be clear and transparent without “white marks”.

Look at the color: There are many color classifications of crystal bracelets, such as amethyst, white crystal, etc. Even in the same type of crystal, the texture and color of different parts of it are different. If it belongs to a single color, the chromaticity should be uniform; if there are shades on the same crystal, the tone and texture should be beautiful and generous.

Which Buddha bead bracelet is good, how to choose a Buddha bead bracelet

The Buddha bead bracelet is a bracelet made of round Buddha beads made of natural materials. The picture on the left is the picture of the bead bracelet in Yufutang of Baima Temple.



  • Paraphrase
    “Buddha beads bracelet” refers to a kind of jewelry that is suitable for wearing on the wrist by stringing a certain number of beads together with rope or thread.
    A bead bracelet is a kind of jewelry. Those who wear it believe that wearing it will bring good luck to themselves and their friends and family.
    Bead bracelets can be bought in many tourist and cultural scenic spots, and can also be found in temples.
    Bead bracelets are now popular all over the world, especially in Asia, such as China, Korea and Japan.
  • moral
    The beads that make up the bracelet, different numbers represent different meanings.
    Wearing the bead bracelet on the hand is to remind people to be compassionate, to practice all the time, and to move from good to evil.
    Bracelets are generally worn on the left hand, because the left hand is used less than the right hand, and Taoism also believes that the left hand is a good hand.
    Bracelets with a diameter of 14MM are generally 16 pieces.
    The long beads of the Buddha beads are a fixed number, that is, 108 pieces, plus one Buddha head, a total of 109 pieces. There are also 216 small beads. But hand beads or bracelets, because they are worn on the wrist, the number is not fixed, and the number varies according to the diameter of the beads. Generally speaking, in hand beads, there are 15 beads with a diameter of 15MM (including the Buddha head tee, the same below), 16 beads with a 14MM diameter, and 18 beads with a 12MM diameter. The number of beads in the hand beads is not important. How many you want is based on the principle that it can fit on your wrist.
    The above is for the male wrist. As far as women are concerned, the hand beads or bracelets generally worn on the wrist are mainly smaller beads, such as 19 beads in diameter of 10MM, or 18 or 17 beads in 12MM beads. For those with thinner wrists, of course, 12MM16 can also be used. Save with Amazon Discount Code NHS
  • Maintenance Precautions


  •  Do not wear other metal jewelry at the same time when wearing the bead bracelet to avoid collision and deformation.
  • Second, avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals, do not wear swimming, especially in sea water.
  • If you have plenty of time, clean it with cotton after wearing it every day, and put it in the jewelry box for preservation.
  • Fourth, the bead bracelet is stained with dust due to wearing, you can brush it with a soft brush dipped in toothpaste, and dry it with a cotton cloth after washing.
  • The maintenance of the bead bracelet should always touch the jewelry with your hands, which will enhance the luster of the bracelet.
  • It is best to remove it when washing your hands. The soap contains alkaline substances, which will damage the beads and affect the luster of the beads.
  • Be careful not to contact acid and alkaline substances, to avoid cosmetics contaminating the beads.
  • Wear the bracelet in an order, wear it first, then wear the bracelet, to avoid hooking on the clothes when wearing, causing the beads to fall off.
  • Carry a small jewelry bag with you to avoid taking off the bracelet for washing your hands and placing it on the sink, accidentally falling off the ground and breaking it.
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