How To Maintain A Low Credit Utilisation Ratio

Making payments on time is essential in maintaining a decent credit score because your credit score is the only figure that will help you get the Best Credit Card in India. Lenders then pay particular attention to your credit usage or how much you spend about the combined sum of all your credit card limits.

After payment history, your credit utilisation rate, often known as your outstanding balances, contributes 30% to your FICO® score. The companies which provide the Best Credit Card in India advise maintaining your usage rate under 30%, with some saying a single-digit rate (about 10%) is ideal for maintaining all these. You can use a Credit Card App.

Spending more than 10% to 30% of your credit indicates to lenders that you may be in danger of exceeding your credit limit and not being able to pay the sum back, which can be resolved using a Credit Card App.

You probably don’t give this proportion much thought on a typical day, especially if you know you never go over your limit. You can use a Credit Card App to maintain it using notifications. But pay strict attention to your CUR if you want to achieve the Best Credit Card in India.

Calculating your credit utilisation

Divide the total sum due on your cards by the entire credit limit to determine your CUR. The percentage can then be obtained by multiplying by 100.

For instance, you would divide the first number by the second and multiply the result by 100 if your average credit card balance was $6,194 and your average credit card limit was $22,751. You would then have a CUR of approximately 27%.

You may take minor steps to reduce your usage rate and notice a boost in your score, regardless of whether it is now above the average 27% or below it but still above 10%.

Pay off your balances more than once a month

All the companies of Best Credit Card in India consider making frequent bill payments throughout your billing cycle rather than waiting until the due date to pay off your credit card charges.

Every billing cycle, the card issuers submit your statement balance to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, the three credit agencies. The bureaus will then determine your CUR using the reported balance you provided. You can also track it using a Credit Card App provided by the companies.

It can be difficult to predict exactly when your card issuer(s) will report your balance. At the same time, the companies that come under the list of providing the Best Credit Card in India notify you. This will help you frequently pay off your card, and the bureaus are likelier to notice a lower amount. Some people pay off their credit cards as soon as they are used, but if making biweekly or weekly payments is more convenient for you, you can also do so.

Request a higher credit limit

Low utilisation is the result of large credit limits and low balances. If you see that you frequently spend more than 30% of your overall credit limits, you should call your card issuer and request an increase in credit limits.

It is simpler to stay below the 30% limit when there is more available credit overall, giving you more breathing room to pay for your monthly expenses. Just be sure you are confident in your ability to keep to your spending plan because a higher threshold gives you more leeway to overspend.

Avoid closing your credit cards

Before you close any of your credit card accounts, especially your oldest one, could you give it some thought?

When you cancel your credit card, you also remove that particular credit limit from your total amount of credit that is accessible. This frequently causes your utilisation % to increase, which immediately lowers your credit score.


Even while your credit score will probably drop initially after closing a credit card, if you keep paying your bills on time on your other credit cards, your score will increase in a few months.

Maintaining a low credit utilisation ratio is important if you want to keep your credit score high. A credit card app can help you track your spending and ensure that you don’t exceed your credit limit. By keeping an eye on your credit utilisation ratio, you can avoid costly fees and maintain a good credit score.

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