How to Track Crypto Transactions on the Blockchain

Cryptocurrency transactions are tracked by a third party audit. As it is digital money exchanged from one account to the other, you might think there’s no way to verify its origin or destination. However, that’s not the case for blockchain transactions. With blockchain technology, every transaction is verified and recorded on a public ledger with timestamps. You can track your cryptocurrency transactions by keeping tabs on the public addresses of your accounts and reviewing transaction records such as wallet balances and recent transactions. This article covers some of the most common methods available today.

Trading platform

A trading platform is an online platform that allows you to track your crypto transactions. Trading platforms allow you to view the transaction history of your public blockchain address along with other wallet details. Trading platforms also allow you to add multiple wallets that you want to track. 

Some trading platforms also provide you with a network explorer that allows you to view transaction details on a specific network. These websites are great for crypto investors who want to track their own transaction history. However, it’s important to ensure that the website you use is reputable and trustworthy. One of the most popular and efficient trading platforms many beginner and advanced traders like to use is BitAlpha AI.

Blockchain Explorer

The first method to track crypto transactions is using a blockchain explorer. A blockchain explorer is a website that allows you to view information on the blockchain, including wallet balances and transactions. These are often used by crypto investors to track their wallet balances and transactions. 

To use a blockchain explorer, you must enter the public address of your wallet in order to view the wallet’s details on the blockchain. A top blockchain explorer is You can sign up for a free account, or you can upgrade to a paid version with extra features. is one of the most popular blockchain explorers available to view blockchain information.

Watch Only Wallet

Another option to track crypto transactions is to set up a watch-only wallet. Setting up a watch-only wallet allows you to view blockchain transactions from the wallet address without accessing the funds inside the wallet. A watch-only wallet can be set up on your desktop or mobile device by adding the public address of the wallet you wish to track. 

You can add multiple wallets from which to view blockchain transactions. A watch-only wallet is a good option for an investor who wants to track the transaction history of their funds. However, it’s important to note that a watch-only wallet cannot be used to make withdrawals or deposits. For that you would need to link your wallet with a trading platform such as BitAlpha AI.

Network Tracker

A network tracker is a blockchain explorer that allows you to view blockchain transaction details for a specific network. A network tracker is used to track specific blockchain transactions on a network. For example, you can use a network tracker to view transaction details on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Network trackers are used by crypto investors who want to track their transaction history and confirm that their funds are moving. A network tracker is a good option for individuals who want a detailed blockchain transaction history. Network trackers are usually free to use, but they may offer a paid premium version with extra features.

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