Importance of purchasing quartz shower trays from top professional brands only

Are you looking to buy a quartz shower tray

Quartz is the most widely used material for custom shower trays. Unlike some natural stone, quartz is a strong, non-porous material, so water won’t seep inside of it. As a result, the product is cleaner and requires less upkeep.

Because the surface of quartz slabs is non-porous, bacteria and other contaminants cannot grow there. It also resists water because of the surface’s composition. Quartz is hard to break or chip. It will serve you well for a lifetime if you maintain it properly.

Why is Quartz considered to be a great material? 

Quartz is a flexible material that may be used as a whole-bathroom solution for floors, walls, and bathroom surfaces if you are seeking to create a durable and upscale theme. It is available in hundreds of different colours and a range of thicknesses.

The ability to specify any outer tray size enables the custom tray to fit into awkwardly shaped or uncommon spaces in your bathroom. When ordering a Quantra Shower Tray, there are no restrictions on size, shape, or waste position. The basic design is 38mm-40mm thick, but if necessary, we can construct one that is extra deep.

What is a custom shower tray? 

A custom shower tray is produced for each customer to their exact specifications and design. The ideal way to design opulent, high-end bathrooms and shower rooms is with one of our shower trays.

When selecting a tray, there is a huge selection of colour options. The options for marble, granite, quartz, and porcelain are nearly unlimited, and they come in a variety of colours and patterns, including veined, glittering, granular, and stone-effect finishes.

If you choose, you may create a coordinated design for the entire bathroom by using multiple complementary tile combinations, including bathroom vanities and shower shelves.

The most common query we get from clients who inquire with us about ordering a personalized shower tray is, how much is a custom shower tray?

Does the shower tray play a vital role? 

In your bathroom, a shower tray plays a vital role. The water from your shower is directed there so that it can drain. This prevents the water from gathering in the wrong places.

Why would you need a shower tray for your bathroom? You may not have thought about it before. 

Why not shower without using a tray? You do, however, require a shower tray. 

Making sure your bathroom appears nice is not the only goal, and you shouldn’t do it to wow your neighbors by telling them you have done some good remodeling. It is important to be realistic. Making sure no detail is overlooked is the goal. It involves carrying out tasks correctly.

The prevention of water leakage is one of the main functions of the shower tray, whether it is square or rectangular. Water naturally follows the path of least resistance, and once it finds that path, it may be very difficult to stop.

Water flows in the correct directions thanks to a shower tray. In actuality, shower trays, especially rectangular ones, are built in such a way as to control the flow of water. The tilt of the tray guarantees that the water rapidly drains while you shower, using the laws of physics to your advantage.

Why do people look for quartz shower trays for bathroom décor? 

Bathroom installations are frequently challenging due to space restrictions, existing electrical and plumbing infrastructure, and building codes. However, shower trays are made with simple installation in mind and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and models. 

With so many different shower trays available, it is difficult to imagine nearly impossible that there isn’t a perfect shower tray for every individual. There is bound to be a shower tray that meets your demands and is simple to install, regardless of design, brand, or price range.

There are many different types of shower trays available on the market, therefore it is crucial for every user to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each one in order to choose the best option for their bathroom.

You may have reached the point when it is obvious that you want to go from a bath to a shower tray, but which type of shower should you pick? If you want to be able to make your own decisions about whether to go or not, read this post because we will provide you with the details you need to determine which shower will best meet your needs.

Durable components: It offers 20–30 service life, on average.

Simple and quick cleaning: Because they are smooth and lack absorbency, they can be cleaned fast and comfortably.

Uniform aesthetics: You will be able to use the remainder of the toilets and the entire bathroom.

Affordable cost: They are now the least expensive shower dishes available. These type of shower trays are ideal for odd dwellings or limited budgets.

Choose the best option with durability

This is because once it guides the water flow to the bathroom’s drainage point, the shower tray is a crucial part of your shower enclosure. Choose the best option that is durable and well-built. Additionally, installation is crucial. 

If the shower tray is installed improperly, its quality will be irrelevant. Since water always travels in the direction of least resistance, once it starts flowing in the wrong direction and far from the drainage point, it can be challenging to reverse course. 

Therefore, installing a shower tray properly is essential since it guarantees quick water drainage, eliminates costly leaks and maintains the water tightness of your bathroom.

Final Words 

Before moving on to the material, it is crucial to think about the shower tray’s size. If the tray is too small, water will leak out because it won’t be able to contain it all. As a result of the shower’s water leak, mold will grow, which is a common sign of water damage. 

Mold development can also have major negative effects on health. Choosing the proper size shower tray is so crucial. This will eventually result in costly repairs, especially if you don’t catch the problem early.

So, if you want to buy quartz shower trays online in India, experts can help you offer the right strategy and material within the best affordable range. 

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