Impound car insurance for dummies- Everything you need to know about impounding cars?

Impounded car insurance

If your car has been impounded by the police. It is essential you act quickly to get it insured. Get the car back on the road and get yourself sorted out before computing any further costs.

Once your car has been impounded. You have to say it to your insurance company before a new insurance policy can be arranged. Until a new impound car insurance is arranged, you can’t release your car, and many companies will decline to insure a car in this situation. If you are not careful, you can accumulate costs for storing your car before you can find impounded car insurance policies.

You have got options when it comes to car insurance, the first of which is a 30-day short-term insurance policy. This type of policy is more constrictive, intended to release the car and back on the road with only one driver allowed the insurance policy holder should also be the registered owner and legal owner of the impounded vehicle.

The other option with insurance for impounded cars is a yearly policy which will allow you to keep the driver of the car for 12 months. As well as have it released from the police pound. Annual impound car insurance policies as the most suitable form of insurance as you can split the cost into a deposit and follow up with monthly payments. You will get 1 year of coverage and the ability to add further named drivers to the insurance policy. You will be offered fully comprehensive on most cars with this type of car insurance.

Why do you need insurance for impounded cars?

You must insure your car if you are driving or parking it on public roads. That is the law in the UK. if your car is impounded maybe it is not insured. You will have to provide proof of insurance to have it retrieved. Not every insurance policy includes impounded car cover. So you will be required to check your policy documentation to ensure you have the cover you need.

If not, you will need to add impounded car cover to your insurance policy for an additional cost or take out a specialist temporary car insurance policy for impounded cars.

Where can you find insurance for impounded cars?

You may find that your existing insurance policy covers you for releasing an impounded car. But not all insurance policies do, so always make sure and call your insurance provider if you are not sure. You might well be able to add impounded car cover to your insurance quotes. If not, you should get special impounded car insurance.

If your car has been impounded as it was not insured. You will have to find specialist car insurance who will accept you. It is needed by the registered owner of the impounded car to visit the police pound within 14 days with your driver’s license, the certificate of impounded car insurance allowing you to drive the car along with proof of ownership. Photocopy of the documents will not be accepted.

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