Keeping the surprise intact when opting for online gifts purchase

When you are planning to gift someone a gift you would want to keep the surprise element intact. The moment you send an online gift to Pakistan and the smile that emerges on their face is something hard to ignore. Trouble is in store if they accidentally find out that you are planning to gift them something as then the entire surprise is spoiled.

It is hard to hide gifts, but in this internet age, it would make a tinge trickier. Online shopping is bound to leave behind numerous traces, more so when it comes to the digital route. There are a lot of things to worry about when it comes to online purchases. But the better piece of news is that there are numerous ways by which you may cover up your tracks. Below are a few tips to consider when you plan gift send to Pakistan at the earliest.

After buying gifts online delete your search history

When you are sharing your PC with your loved ones or having it unlocked, clearing your search history is a definite must. Otherwise, everything is bound to appear in the search history of the website. The worst part is that all of them are accessible with a few clicks, and you do not need to be an expert in technical skills.

This surprise is bound to provide you with an idea about the websites that you have visited. An example is that in front of your partner you would be typing an URL and the search history showcases the name of the website. For this reason, do not forget to delete your online search history results. Most browsers allow you to clear up the entire search history that is made within a particular period of time.

Do not ignore the cookies

It does not mean tasty cakes but in computer, terminology cookies are a different cup of tea. They turn out to be small text files that save information about the interaction with a website. Due to the cookies, the companies can customize their website which makes the interaction easy and based on your preferences provides relevant information. What it does is that it allows the advertisers to be showcasing targeted ads.

Till the point cookies are stored on your website you may delete them. In most of the web browsers, there are various instructions on how to delete them.

Purchase of presents online with the incognito mode

If you do not want to delete your login history or cookies every time, there is a solution in the store. You can opt for an incognito mode which is a form of private browsing. It is not going to save the websites or cookies that you have visited. What it indicates is that your shopping history is bound to be a secret on all counts.

You need to adopt this option when you are purchasing gifts online. Still, you can witness the websites based on the IP address.

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