Master of Game Management and Coordination

Once you earn a master’s degree in online gaming management, you will receive comprehensive gaming marketing and game management training in the gaming business sector. Gain the necessary knowledge and skills in all areas of the game, from buying to managing and playing games.

In practice, you will learn from the director and sports management experts of Athletic Madrid. They provide in-depth insights into the industry and provide global insights into various forms of governance. Athletic de Madrid is a global brand with management through commitment and innovation in the future. That is why UNIR, the government 해외스포츠중계 academy in Madrid, offers the best professionals the opportunity to learn from their achievements and failures.

I am currently studying for a master’s degree in sports management at UNIR

Provides a unique experience in coaching management coaches as well as a management coach at Athletic de Madrid. Take this experience to the next level by training and facing the professional challenges of the club. Organize timely joint solutions. This will improve your startup and expand your network of contact with the game world.

In changing times, organizations and human resources are required to review organizational, labor, development, and sports rules to attract and retain employees in the 21st century. Therefore, Deloitte’s fifth global human resource management program is Overview of the Digital Age. It examines the key challenges facing organizations and seeks out more than 10,000 businesses and human resource managers.

We live in a new era, often called the “Fourth Industrial Transformation”.

But it is also a time of “big change”, where social media and automation are forcing employees to work differently, differently, globally and efficiently. . At the same time, the needs and expectations of companies are growing faster than ever before: new profiles, devices, technologies, business models.

The group needs talented new leaders such as consultants,

Resistance and thought processes. Leaders have an in-depth knowledge of each team’s ability to create new teams quickly and efficiently, as well as know how to set clear, predictable goals for each team. There are methods like NLA, also known as organizational network analysis, that help companies identify and identify relationships between different professionals and teams. Work and training

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