Common Methods to Use Discord Text Formatting?

Discord Text Formatting

Using discord can be puzzling if you do not know how to use it properly. You might have seen your friends on discord using various discord text formatting tools to bold their texts or italicize them. 

But to format the texts you need to understand how you have to do it and what steps you are supposed to follow for the same. In this blog, we are going to tell you how to do strikethrough on discord, bold on discord, italicize on discord, etc. 

So, let’s get it happening. 

Discord Markdown – Discord Formatting Engine 

Discord uses the markdown feature of discord to format the text which is a language that is normally used in formatting forums of text discussions. 

It is a lightweight language that is very simple and easy to read as well as write. Since it is a completely text-based language it uses some special symbols to italicize, bold, underline and strike through the texts they have written. 

And to format the texts with the help of the discord markdown you are supposed to know what symbols are used for what features. Even if you do not know you do not need to panic as below we have mentioned some discord command text which you will find useful and helpful. 

Italicize Text in Discord 

You can italicize the text in discord and emphasize your text and for this, you are required to put a symbol which is a single asterisk (*) at both ends as well as at the finish of the text. 

In the case of bold, you would need two asterisks while for italicizing a text you only need one asterisk. 

If you want to use a command to italics in discord you need to first select the text and then press Ctrl and i together. 

Strikethrough and Underline in Discord 

You can also underline and strikethrough the text you want in discord for which you have to use some symbols which you are supposed to add at the ending as well as the beginning of the text. 

To strikethrough a text you have to add two tildes (~~) which you will find on the same key as backtick on the keyboard and when you will add this your text will look like this ~~I am Happy.~~

Whereas to underline a text you need to use two underscores (_ _) and when you will do this the text will be like this, __ I am happy.__ 

Bold Text in Discord 

If you want to know how to bold in discord then here is how you can do it. You do not need to follow some very complicated steps but you just need to simply put a special symbol. 

You are supposed to put two asterisks (**) at the beginning as well as the end of the text that you want to bold. You have to do it like this, **I am happy.** 

Apart from this you can also select the text and use the command Ctrl+B which will bold the text for you.

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