One of the Finest Gems on the Atlantic Seaboard, Daytona Beach, Florida Beckons You

Considered one of Florida’s as well as the country’s most famous beach destinations, Daytona Beach traces its history back to 1870. A wealthy businessman from Ohio, Matthias D. Day, is credited with founding the city that came to be named after him. 

Way back in the 1920s, Daytona Beach had acquired the reputation of the “World’s Most Famous Beach.” This was mainly due to the smooth and hard-packed sands on many of its wide beaches but there were other reasons for the distinction as well. 

Most vacations to Daytona Beach, FL also involved a lot of automobile enthusiasts in those early days of the automobile revolution. 

For reasons best known to the automobile makers, they chose Daytona Beach for high-speed automobile testing that came to include racing as well. 

This attracted a very large number of people who wanted a good beach vacation while the automobile shows came in as an attractive add-on. Since it was something unique for a beach destination in those days, it got Daytona Beach that distinctive ‘most famous beach’ tag. 

Today, Daytona Beach has continued that tradition of motorsports alongside developing other attractions as well as restoring its historical landmarks and monuments. 

All of that together makes Daytona Beach a destination that you shouldn’t miss whenever you plan a trip to the Atlantic seaboard of Florida. 

Is it the ‘World’s most famous beach?’ Check it out.  

There are specific aspects of a beach destination that make it famous, great, and whichever way one may like to describe it. 

Daytona Beach spans a distance of 23 miles of smooth and hard-packed sands speard across a wide swath beyond where the waves turn back. 

That’s a unique natural advantage for any beach destination. Daytona Beach has been known as the ‘world’s most famous beach for over a century now and because of this, all the other attractions have developed along this vast stretch of the beach. 

When a visitor from any other part of Florida or from neighboring Georgia and Alabama asks “What are the best vacations near me?” it’s likely that s/he would be told to try out Daytona Beach by the tour consultant. 

Daytona Beach is the festival capital of Florida 

One of the most enticing things about Daytona Beach is its endless series of festivals that take place throughout the year. 

This tradition may have evolved with the century-old tradition of motorsports in Daytona Beach. Today the town is also called the ‘World Center of Racing.’ 

The Daytona Speedweeks, BikeWeek, Biketoberfest, the Summer Concert Series, Turkey Run, and Halifax Art Festival are some of the well-known events that take place on this enchanting beach destination. 

Your Daytona Beach vacation can be all the more wholesome and memorable when it is managed well. For that, you are going to need a reliable tour management company to design the right package for you. 

There is a splendid list of many other attractions on offer at Daytona Beach but you cannot pack all of them in your tour plan. 

When you consult a renowned and trusted tour management company like My Wow Vacations, you will get the optimum plan that gives maximum value for the money you spend. 


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