In Case You See [pii_email_97cac32d28b40b019ee4] Error Code

[pii_email_97cac32d28b40b019ee4] Error Code Solved

Do you get the error [pii_email_97cac32d28b40b019ee4] that pops up when you try to open your Outlook? If so, this is an indication that something is wrong with your Microsoft Outlook. It’s also a sign that causes your computer to crash and even sometimes restart on its own. Follow these steps to determine why it was happening…

What is Error Code [pii_email_97cac32d28b40b019ee4]

In case you see an error code like [pii_email_97cac32d28b40b019ee4], it means that there is a problem with one of your files.

To troubleshoot the issue, start by checking to see if the file is in the correct location on your computer. If it is not in the correct location, you may need to delete the file and reinstall it.

If the file is still not working, you may need to contact customer support. Please visit the following link for more information: How to contact Cox Technical support you can also visit our website. You may find more information there, including a troubleshooting guide with step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot your issues with your system.

How to Fix Error Code [pii_email_97cac32d28b40b019ee4]

If you are seeing an error code such as [pii_email_97cac32d28b40b019ee4], there is a most likely solution. Follow the instructions below to fix the error code.

First, try checking your internet connection. Make sure that you have a strong and stable connection to the internet. If you still experience the error, try resetting your device. To do this, hold down the power button for 10 seconds until the device powers off. After it powers on, press and holds the volume down button until you see the Android logo screen. Release both buttons and then tap on the “Build Number” seven times. This will reset your device and hopefully resolve the issue.

This is a service we offer for all of our customers who experience technical issues with their devices. If you do not wish to contact us, please write the error code that you are experiencing in the comments section at the end of this article and we will try to assist you as best as we can. If this issue still persists, it is possible that your device has been damaged beyond repair and may need to be replaced.

This article was created for all of our customers who experience technical issues with their devices. There are many reasons for a device to become unresponsive, and our experts are able to fix them. This article will provide detailed instructions on how to get us, Eman Mobile Repair, to help you.

Step 1: Please check if your device is powered on by pressing and holding the power button.

Step 2: If your device does not power on, please remove the battery and then re-insert it again.

Step 3: If your device still does not turn on after removing the battery, please perform a hard reset by holding down the volume up and down keys at the same time until you see an android logo screen appear.

Step 4: Once your device is turned on, please try turning it off by sliding your finger from right to left.


If you’re encountering an error when trying to open a page that uses the ‘in case you see’ feature, it might be because your web browser is not configured to use this feature. To get around this issue, try accessing the page using another browser (or using a different computer altogether). If that doesn’t work, please contact your system administrator or ISP for assistance.

If you have feedback or questions about the ‘in case you see’ feature, please feel free to contact us. We’re always nice and happy to help.

Posts: 11543 Registered: 02/29/04Posts: 11543 Originally Posted By: Meatball Originally Posted By: Koffie Kewl Originally Posted By: Meatball Originally Posted By: koffie I have a problem with the ‘in case you see’ script (it’s not my computer, I use IE5) when I try to open a page that contains the script it says “in case you see “.

I use IE6 and when I open that page “in case you see” it goes to the new tab.

Now in my Personal Menu, it says: Internet Explorer is not compatible with this script, please use another browser.

Can someone tell me how to fix it? I can’t find anything about this problem online.

Kewl, got ya, IE5, if you have an older version of IE it will cause problems on the ‘in case you see’ script. Here is what you can do:

  1. Go to your IE options (Tools menu) and select Compatibility
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Check the box for “Disable Ribbon and Status Bar”
  4. Click “Apply”. That will disable the ribbon and status bar, but this is a temporary fix. If you have IE6, make sure you run Windows update on your computer, to get IE 6 SP1
  5. Go back to IE options and on the General tab: Uncheck “Use MHTML”
  6. Click “Apply”
  7. You may have to restart your browser for this to work
  8. ┬áNow go back to the ‘in case you see’ page and it should work fine!


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