Popular Types Of Printing For T-Shirts


Have you ever wondered how many types of printing methods there are? If you want to start a custom printing business, you should know everything about the printing types and which one is the best of all. So with so many printing types for t-shirts, it might confuse the one to opt for. But don’t worry!

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In this article, you will learn everything about the popular printing types and which method can last long and which of them is budget-priced. However, let’s start with all the names we will discuss here!

Different Printing Types For T-Shirts:

These are different types of printing such as DTG, Discharge Printing, Sublimation, Indirect Screen Printing etc. But today, we will be discussing the two popular types! So the names include: screen printing and airbrushing. However, we will also shed some light on a few techniques we are discussing right after it. It is vinyl cutouts, heat transfers, and stenciling.

So without any further ado, let’s go!

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Top 03 Printing Types For T-Shirts | Which Is The Best?

  • Screen Printing
  • Airbrushing

Screen Printing | Good, Better Or Best?

One of the highest-quality print types is screen printing. And undoubtedly, the best among all other options. It is the most common type of printing used in various print industries. If you have high-quality printable t-shirts, for instance, Hanes 54500 Youth T-shirts are the best to go with screen printing. However, screen printing also works best for low-quality t-shirts. It only requires following the care instructions explicitly mentioned for the fabric type.

Screen Printing Is The Best: It is the best method for printing because it offers enough room for creativity. The use of special chemicals allows printing even the most complex designs. There are many pros when it comes to screen printing. It is a popular choice for professional t-shirt print industries, including designers. So if you are a home artist, you can also use this method to print vibrant and durable designs for your t-shirt. Don’t worry about the print quality, as it will last longer!

Pros of Screen Printing: Screen printing is cost-effective! Screen printing is reliable and safe for almost any fabric, including silk, polyester and cotton. Screen printing is best for complex designs.

Pro Tip: When screen printing your t-shirt, make sure you use more than one color for best results!

Airbrushing | Good, Better Or Best?

Airbrushing is not the best decision if you want to get high-quality print designs on your t-shirts! However, it is also one of the popular options! This method is standard among small-scale businesses and artists. It allows you to print unique and highly complex designs for your t-shirts. It is a good substitute for screen printing. However, in this method, you can use one color at a time.

Airbrushing Is Good: Airbrushing is one of the most versatile methods for many reasons! When it comes to airbrushing, this method allows the artist to elaborate their artistic expressions using this method. This method allows users to access a vast assortment of paints and dyes.

Pros Of Airbrushing: Airbrushing is also cost-effective! It allows using different artistic expressions, which is a plus for artists!

Cons of Airbrushing: It takes hours to print one shirt.

Techniques For Printing On T-Shirts:

  • Vinyl Cutouts
  • Heat Transfers
  • Stenciling

Vinyl Cutouts:

One of the most popular techniques for shirt decoration. Vinyl consists of two different sides. On one side, it has decoration, whereas, on the other, it has heat-activated adhesive. It is the best technique used by professionals and artists to cut out complex logos, letterings, images etc.

Heat Transfer:

Another popular technique, and also the most common one, is heat transferring. You can use the heat transfer method in several ways! Both methods work effectively, whether you use the heat press the same way mentioned earlier or put it on vinyl and seal it with a heat press.


Stenciling is one of the most basic techniques used for decorating t-shirts! If you want to create some fun shirts for the family union or birthday, stenciling can help you with this! It is simple. All you need is to apply dye over the stencil, and you are good at decorating your t-shirt with different logos, images or designs!

Which Type of Printing is Best for Cotton T-Shirts?

For cotton t-shirts, heat transfer is an ideal printing method. Like Hanes T-shirts, cotton shirts with comfortable cotton can handle high heat. So it is recommended to use a heat press or iron for such fabrics.
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To conclude, there are several other ways of printing on t-shirts like Sublimation and DTG; however, we have narrowed down the affordable options for custom printing at home! I hope you find this information worth reading. I hope you enjoy it!

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