Potential Gains from A Responsive Web Design!

Potential Gains from A Responsive Web Design

With increased digitalization and the advent of a broad range of handheld devices, traditional paradigms have changed a lot.

And apart from utilities and other software applications, experienced web designers, while providing web design Dubai services, also consider smartphones and other devices of varied sizes in mind.

These considerations have led to the evolution of responsive web design. It is a design that responds well to the changing screen sizes of the viewers’ devices.

Ethan Marcotte coined this idea of developing and designing websites that work well on any device by automatically changing their layout.

Here, we have compiled multiple benefits of having a website that can be implemented across various devices:

1) It drives mobile traffic to your site

As per the report by Similarweb, more than half of visitors of top sites use smartphones to open websites.

Therefore, it is essential for companies to have sites that work properly on smaller screens. This will prevent the users from encountering unfavorable experiences.

While sometimes companies develop a distinct version of their sites for mobile viewers, designing a responsive design is increasingly becoming the norm as it offers your business greater versatility.

2) Responsive web design saves time

Designing one responsive site will take much lesser time than creating a stand-alone mobile application. Since time is a considerable resource, responsive design, for apparent reasons, costs less than the alternative options.

Moreover, your company will save maintenance costs and individual configuration costs in the long run if it invests in a responsive web design.

3) Reduces the need for maintenance

Maintaining a distinct site requires additional support. It requires separate content strategies, distinct administrative interfaces, and two different design teams.

In contrast to this, responsive design processes employ standardized testing methodologies to make sure that your site has an optimal layout on a screen of any size.

And it will require less time on maintenance; this frees our time to focus on the more essential tasks like content creation, marketing, or branding.

4) Responsive web design lower bounce rates

Mobile users particularly have shorter attention spans. And, they usually leave sites that take longer time to load. And, if a site is not optimized for handheld devices, it will take a longer time to navigate.

Thus, viewers can become frustrated by this miserable experience.

Therefore, it is unlikely that they will stick around for a longer period, as your site is not responsive to appeal to and engage your audience. They are more likely to bounce.

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5. Enhanced SEO

Responsive web design is as important to search engines as to your viewers. Better bounce rates return to you in the form of higher search engine rankings. Moreover, a single responsive site prevents the issues of duplicate content, as this will have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

Typing it all together!

In the past, people used to have only one option, which was to use desktop computers. But, with increased digitalization, tablets and smartphones are commonly used, and thus web designers need to work on responsive web design.

And having a responsive design gives your business the main advantage that your site is fully functional across different screen sizes.

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