SnapPDF Unveils the Top 3 Offline and Online PDF to Excel Converters


There is a PDF to Excel conversion tool that can be used online or offline to import native PDF files or scanned PDF files into Excel. According to SnapPDF, the most common motivation for making the PDF-to-Excel conversion is so that the user can edit the file in Excel.

If you want to avoid losing formatting in the conversion from PDF to Excel, then you need a professional converter. Along similar lines, the best tool for the job is introduced in this review article from Is an Extremely Convenient PDF Editor.

If you’re looking for a reliable online PDF to Excel converter that doesn’t require any installation on your computer, is a great option. Snappdf’s many useful features include its speed, its ability to rotate PDFs, its in-built optical character recognition, and the number of documents you can convert to Excel at once.

Amazingly, the original quality of the PDF and Excel files is preserved even at the rapid conversion speeds. also provides a desktop PDF to Excel converter tool for those who prefer working offline.



  • Connects the popular cloud storage services Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Provides the choice between optical character recognition and batch processing
  • Compatibility with a wide range of operating systems
  • The PDFs can be rotated before being exported to Excel.
  • Provides PDF to Excel Conversion Apps for Android and iOS


  • It’s a free version, but it has restrictions.
  • Windows, Mac, and the Internet-based systems are all supported.

For the quickest online conversion of PDFs into Excel tables while preserving all formatting, use PDF to Excel Online.

Online Tool to Convert PDF Files to Excel Format by Investintech

If you need to precisely extract PDF tables while preserving the original structure in the output Excel sheet, this online PDF to Excel converter is your best bet. Also, with a good optical character recognition program, you can easily convert scanned PDFs into editable Excel documents.

To top it all off, encrypted connections are always used whenever a PDF to Excel conversion is being performed, so your files will always be safe. What’s more, you can use this online PDF to Excel converter at zero cost and without hassle.


  • PDFs created from scratch or from scans are supported.
  • Guaranteed to be a risk-free online experience
  • 100% free
  • PDF to Excel conversion with no formatting problems
  • This app is also compatible with iOS and Android devices.


  • It is not possible to convert PDFs to Excel in bulk.
  • Compatible Environments: Web-based

For the fastest, most accurate PDF to Excel conversion possible on any platform, without spending a dime.

Convert PDF Files to Excel Spreadsheets

For the best PDF to Excel conversion experience on your Android device, download PDF to XLS Converter App (tablet or smartphone). You can trust your PDF to XLS or XLSX conversions even if you’re on the go with this feature.

This app for Android can convert scanned PDFs into editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and it can extract PDF tables to Excel without limit or limit on the number of files converted. Have no fear about scanned PDFs, as OCR will activate instantly. Surprisingly, this program maintains its format when exported to an Android app.


  • You’re free to convert as many PDFs as you’d like.
  • Online Character Recognition System
  • PDF to Excel Conversion on the Fly
  • An effective method for obtaining PD tables
  • 100% free


  • Ad-laden
  • Android is a supported platform.

This is the best app for Android devices if you need to extract tables from PDFs or convert native or scanned PDFs to Excel automatically using an OCR.

One Last Thing

The best PDF to Excel converter software, whether online or offline, is essential for efficiently converting native PDFs and scanned PDFs into Excel. Of course, a powerful OCR is required to transform scanned PDFs into usable Excel spreadsheets while preserving the original PDF’s layout and formatting. You should start using a converter, such as SnapPDF, right now.

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