Take Care Of Your PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtain can be used to separate temperatures in commercial spaces and reduce energy consumption. They can be used to keep cold and hot air out of an exterior door. PVC Strip Curtains are great at protecting your business, employees, and you from many things.

 Are you taking steps to protect your PVC Strip Curtains? 

You want your Strip Curtains to be as economical as possible. Here are some Strip Curtains Direct tips to help your Plastic Door Curtains last longer.

You must first choose the right strip for you to get the best performance. Then it’s about proper maintenance and care.

Use correct material

There are many uses for plastic strip curtains. You need to make sure you choose the right curtain for you. If you have a walk-in freezer and place a standard PVC Curtain at the doorway you will quickly discover that it is less flexible at lower temperatures and may crack. You should opt for polar-grade strip curtains. These are made to withstand cold temperatures and are therefore more flexible. They are also less likely to break or crack in temperatures between -40c to +25. Anti-static Plastic strip curtains are a good choice if you have a data center. They help eliminate static charge and control temperature better.

Ribbed Strips are an option

Ribbed PVC Strips work best if you need the longest-lasting PVC strips. The ribs are the first to be impacted when a vehicle hits a curtain. The flat portion of the strip will last longer because it is stronger. Because they are naturally resistant to static, ribbed strips work well for indoor walkways. Static can build up on standard PVC door curtain making it difficult for people to move through. Our PVC Curtain are designed with ribs so they don’t stick as tightly, making it easier for employees to move through them.

Select the Size That’s Right for You

Consider the purpose of the curtain and choose the right size. A large strip curtain would not be suitable for an office doorway. It would be difficult for people to get through. A doorway made of small strips would not be suitable for a Warehouse entrance, as it must be strong enough to withstand heavy industrial traffic and strong winds.

Keep your Strips Clean

You may mistakenly think that your Plastic door curtain are dirty if they are difficult to see through. It is easy to see why your strip curtains get so dirty when you consider all the pollutants and dangers that they keep out of your workplace. You can clean your strip curtains before ordering a replacement if they are damaged.

You don’t have the time

PVC curtain roll Direct offers a variety of maintenance packages. These include regular visits to your curtains where they are cleaned, cleaned, and replaced as necessary. Our bronze maintenance service is available to all customers. This allows you to inspect your curtains and order replacement strips as needed.

Strip curtains can quickly become a safety and health hazard if they aren’t properly maintained. This is why our after-sales service is so important for our customers.

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