There are many continental clubs, such as Barcelona.

When Fabre gas lost at the age of 16, he could not sign a full professional contract with a player under the age of 16, which could put the 16-year-old in danger. Over the years, the reserves have led the UK to Cisco Forest, Federico Machida, Giuseppe Rossi, Gerard Pique and many others. The problem has also led many clubs, especially in France, to prevent their players from getting “contracts”, jobs that are difficult to deal with. And agreements that are not in accordance with English law. Aircon servicing

Thus, on Thursday, the controversial FIFA team decided that Lakota’s first agreement was not only a confirmation, but also a negotiation with the scorer. In an effort to pay for the coup, Chelsea persuaded the player to end his contract by force.

One of the decisions approved by Michael Platinum by UEFA and the FIFA Sip Blaster is a ban on players under the age of 18. Gordon Taylor, president of the Professional Football Association and president of FokPro, called for such action today.

“Overall, it makes sense for children under the age of 18 to be more protected 해외스포츠중계 Taylor told BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Week.

“Football is competitive.

Not all good young people can be in big, rich clubs. “Clubs should be encouraged if they have programs that encourage children to go out and play with boys.

I think the situation in Chelsea will not reach that level when an agreement is reached between the two clubs.

Although traffic restrictions may be higher for those under 18,

So eliminating the growth of rich and powerful clubs is not something that can be legal in any business. Kupota’s artists are 14 to 17 years old. The player was about ten years old when he was a teenager. In all other areas, child slavery is considered. Defense will encourage further development of young talent. Why do clubs train so many players when they can play for free?

But Taylor knows the market because rich clubs can attract young talent, but games like this keep people alive and healthy when players are not seen as a “minority”. Under current rules, this standard function is unstable.

Lying down

Clubs like Lance and Le Hare work with big clubs to get their talented players for free. However, the emphasis on the issue of youth change in the case of Ch. Paul Pombo, on the other hand, is definitely a sign of business growth. As a football district, it is possible to pay, transfer and transfer money from the media to the group in case of trouble. The 18-year-old Lakota earns a million dollars a year without hitting the ball for the Chelsea boss.

First, football has to be financially sound – use only what you can. Although the big clubs in the area are heavily in debt, UEFA and FIFA seem to be able to afford them. Manchester United is one of the few major clubs in Europe to follow the rule that salaries (and bonuses) do not exceed 60 percent of profits, although Gleitzer owes the club $ 700 million.

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